Blasty version 13
(Peggle Blast HD)

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

13 (1.20.2022) As of today's date, it's fixed and works for me with Google Chrome. Resizes the inner child browser to a uniform 848x600 size, so there's no need to hover the mouse anywhere.
12 (6.24.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
11 (6.3.2020) Since Slingo® Blast was removed from the game site, I now have this auto playing the new Peggle Blast HD instead. At top 100 Speed, every :35 seconds or so, it repeats level 0 only. So make sure that's the level you choose before you begin... not anything else. One single shot should clear all five orange pegs (and a ton of blues), including a "Long Shot" and "Off the Wall" bonus, scoring a good half million+ points with three stars every time. One weird note: on my Win7 laptop, it spells the BLAST down there with fireworks and its +100,000 Extreme Fever bonus points (but very rarely does this on my Win10 desktop).
10 (4.16.2016) Some of you have a moved game summary Play Again button. This update should cover both of us.
9 (4.12.2016) While doing the test times for this week's challenges, I noticed that Blasty was missing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of legal plays. Watching it close, you could definitely see the auto was clicking those squares as it should, but the game wasn't filling them in correctly. I realized that after you click those 5 spin slots at the bottom of your grid, the spins needed to actually completely settle. Perhaps the auto was just going way too fast? Sure enough, I added a half second pause after clicking the 5 spins down there and what a difference! Instead of 45 minutes for 100 diagonals, it now only takes 9 minutes... possibly making Blasty 5x better than it ever was. Amazing what a simple half second pause can really do. Hey, no longer do you need to slow the auto's Speed down for flash lag either. And while I was in there, I installed my recent thwart of those wretched Your Session has Timed Out popups that need a refresh. In fact, I doubt you will ever encounter one of those again.
8 (4.14.2015) Fixed the new Your Session has Timed Out stall by clicking the yellow Refresh button. The auto will show you the current number of refreshes in its title bar, such as "Blasty: 6".
7 (5.22.2014) And once again, the game summary Play Again button was moved. Leave it alone already!
6 (4.11.2014) They moved the game summary Play Again button on us. And I can't stress enough to only use the Google Chrome browser. The difference is simply mind-blowing.
5 (4.9.2014) Couple of you had weird graphics. Who knows why? Are you better now?
4 (4.9.2014) Added a new Diagonals option. And that's just what it'll do... go for the diagonal slingos!
3 (8.11.2013) By Gene's request, now works at the main Slingo site as well.
2 (7.27.2013) Once in a great while, the flash would hiccup at the Select Power-Ups to Improve Your Gameplay! screen and one of those power-ups down there would popup a little white bubble tip, some of which covered the green Play Now button and stalled the auto. I now do an extra check to ensure that button gets clicked no matter what. Thanks for letting me know and for the testing, Fred.
1 (7.12.2013) Read the above tip for precise instructions on how to get Blasty going properly. It's important that you first clear out the opening tutorial manually. I am sure there will be a ton of you that report the auto is not working because you didn't read this. If your flash is struggling, slow Blasty's Speed option down a bit. This is only the first version and I'm not sure if there will be a stall at the badge achievement popup screen yet, as I only got to rank 8 so far. I will run it a while today and see if there's any other needful tweaks, but feel free to let me know. I am not sure how the auto will respond to any power-ups, but I did manage a whopping 10 million point game a few weeks ago playing around with some.
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