Blitzy version 60
(Solitaire Blitz)

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

60 (8.1.2020) A slight change was made to the browser's title bar.
59 (6.28.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
58 (5.27.2020) They fixed the title bar error, but now display something completely different than before.
57 (5.17.2020) The Early Access games have an error in their title bars (displaying "undefined" instead of the game's actual name), so the auto was unable to find the window. After they fix the mistake, this version should hopefully still work for us since I now search for either up there.
56 (4.23.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
55 (3.11.2020) The Continue Game button was moved again, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
54 (2.27.2020) The game got its Continue Game screen adjusted, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
53 (1.23.2020) This is no longer a "3 for 1" auto that played Bejeweled 3 (web Flash version), Bejeweled 3 (premium downloadable version) and Bejeweled Blitz (on Facebook). Why? Because Bej3(web) is being removed in March, Bej3(download) has already been killed off and I am no longer supporting anything Facebook-related since that game has no badges and I am BadgeWinners... a "badge winning" place. Thus said, I have replaced this auto by covering the new Solitaire Blitz card game instead. And when time permits, I may attempt these two possible options: equipping boosts (for those special in-game award challenges) and somehow continuing unplayed map quests instead of replaying the current one.
52 (6.28.2018) Facebook's Bejeweled Blitz™ got a major overhaul, with just about everything changed. It's a very large game now (960x640), so make sure I can see all four corners... as well as the dark blue Facebook strip underneath the lowercase "f" icon up there.
51 (2.5.2017) Bej3 (web) had some refresh issues. Back in the day, we needed refreshed because of their numerous game breaks and Your Session has Timed out crap. Since last year's thwart of the problem, we don't need to refresh as much. Instead, I click New Game after 20 seconds of inactivity. This should make us last a lot longer. Super thanks to the two dozen testers and your help.
50 (10.5.2016) A few of the popup windows in Bejeweled Blitz™ were moved, causing the auto to stall.
49 (6.27.2016) Bejeweled Blitz™ had its game moved exactly 20 pixels east, making the auto unable to find it. They also added a new Encore No Thanks screen at the end of each round.
48 (2.5.2016) The game summary screen in Bej3 (web) was centered/moved. While in there, I installed my recent little trick to thwart most of those Your Session has Timed out popups from happening. Hopefully, you won't be seeing very many more of those at all now.
47 (5.22.2015) Bej3's (web) Your Session has Timed out yellow Refresh button popup screen is one pixel south in the Torch browser, so it was stalling there.
46 (4.6.2015) Bej3's (web) Your Session has Timed out yellow Refresh button popup screen was moved. Blitzy should find it now, close your browser, reopen a fresh one and continue on.
45 (3.7.2015) They moved the Hint and Menu buttons south 4 pixels in Bejeweled Blitz™. So the auto couldn't find them and just reported Wait.
44 (10.5.2014) Sorry about that. I forgot about the people that like to harvest the gems in Bejeweled Blitz™. Now we need to hover on your coins at the upper-left corner of your game. Hopefully they won't mess with that area for a while.
43 (10.3.2014) Again, they revamped the Main Menu screen in Bejeweled Blitz™, so I changed where to hover the mouse to get started. See the above tip with picture, showing the big pink Play Now button.
42 (9.4.2014) Some of you were still struggling to get the auto to recognize the Bejeweled Blitz™ game, so I changed where to hover your mouse to get started. See the above tip with picture.
41 (8.30.2014) Sorry about that. I forgot that Bejeweled Blitz™ has two game modes (Standard and Party). Therefore, some of you were hovering your mouse at the Party mode's boosts selection screen and the auto wasn't able to find your game. Blitzy was originally written to loop Standard mode over and over. When Party mode recently arrived, it was just a bonus that the auto worked in there at all. Hopefully, both modes are covered for you in this update.
40 (8.28.2014) Bejeweled Blitz™ decided to smoosh itself into the left side of your browser. Fixed that, as well as a few new popup screens. Read the above tip so you know where to hover your mouse to get started properly. Gotta go to the boosts screen now and hover your mouse on the pink Play Now button.
39 (11.18.2013) Bej3's (web) You achieved rank! screen was moved yet again. Thanks for letting me know, Michael.
38 (9.24.2013) Blitz got a few popups rearranged, which stalled the auto. Thanks, Mike.
37 (9.23.2013) Bej3's (web) You achieved rank! screen was moved. Thanks for letting me know, Tweety.
36 (8.29.2013) The Facebook version of Blitz had a few changes. The yellow coin gem was altered, there are a bunch of annoying popups and the game summary screen got a new Play Again button. Hopefully, all of this has been fixed and the auto should loop over and over as before. While I was in there, I removed my old Use Boosts option because it's pointless. Simply select whichever boosts you prefer manually, then open the menu's options and verify that Boost Auto-Renew is enabled. It's just better this way since it's built inside the game and gives us more variety of which boosts you prefer.
35 (11.11.2012) Updated all three for Windows 8 compatibility.
34 (11.2.2012) Bej3 web's You achieved rank screen was moved again, stalling the auto.
33 (9.24.2012) The new chat moved the You achieved rank and You won this challenge Close buttons east a bit, to be better centered. This caused a stall in Bej3 web. Thanks for letting me know, Joe.
32 (8.3.2012) Some of you still have the old unchanged game summary screen. This version covers both. Sorry for the continuous updates, just want everyone to be happy.
31 (8.2.2012) The new chat caused a Game is chopped! message. They also moved the game summary screen down 1 pixel.
30 (7.2.2012) To start Blitzy (in the web version of Bej3), we now need to hover our mice as described in the above picture tip. I am weaning us away from that moody yellow Start Game button, in preparation for future game site changes that could break the auto.
29 (5.19.2012) The yellow Start Game button got jibberished somehow. Weirest thing I ever saw.
28 (5.17.2012) Another moved Play Again button in Bej3 (web) after every round. If you need to, clear your flash cache here and click the Delete all sites button. This will force a fresh load of the game and your button should move like the rest of us.
27 (5.9.2012) They moved the Play Again button in Bej3 (web)... again.
26 (5.3.2012) Another moved Play Again button for Bej3 (web). Guess they just can't seem to finger it out.
25 (4.24.2012) This morning's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button for Bej3 (web).
24 (4.10.2012) Bej3 (web) got unseated and was pushed over a bit.
23 (3.27.2012) This time it was Facebook's Bejeweled Blitz™ on the blitz. They reseated the game slightly and changed a few buttons.
22 (2.14.2012) Bej3 (web) Play button moved again. Sigh.
21 (2.7.2012) And... yet again, Bej3's (web) Play button was moved. This time, 22 pixels north. Yippee!
20 (1.24.2012) Bej3's (web) Play button was moved for a third time in a row. Just leave it alone, already! Thanks for letting me know, Ellen.
19 (12.20.2011) Bej3's (web) Play button was moved again... at the end of each game.
18 (12.6.2011) Bej3's (web) Play button was moved at the end of each game. Thanks, Mary.
17 (11.22.2011) Bej3 (web version) got a new front page. To start the auto, you will now need to hover your mouse on the yellow Start Game button there instead.
16 (11.15.2011) Facebook's Blitz version had a lot of gems changed slightly in color.
15 (11.11.2011) Okay, where do I begin? I know! Flash freezes from hell (if that makes any sense) in the Bej3 web version. Basically, in the past few days, we have discovered numerous game errors (lockups, stalls, cactus of death, the works). So I have been tweaking the auto, putting band-aid upon band-aid, and passing the possible fixes to be tested by two close friends of mine on multiple machines/accounts. And Blitzy finally pulled an all-nighter, so I am comfortable releasing this update. First off, in order to take advantage of these fixes, you must make Google Chrome your default web browser (read the Tip above for help). Why? Because when the devil comes, I will be closing your game completely and opening a fresh game in your default browser. This auto only works in Chrome anyway, so don't be left dead in the water when the time comes for a refresh. The Flash errors discovered and fixed were: Your session has timed out (refresh button), cactus of death screen (I close and reopen a fresh game), gems falling down but stuck midway (I close and reopen fresh), ghost Play button not being clicked (I now snap your mouse to a safe place to fix this, just above the Hint button, so keep it there). I apologize for all of their problems with these new Flash-embedded games, but we're getting through this together... aren't we? This is your Captain speaking.
14 (11.8.2011) Discovered a weird stall with the spinning cube in today's release of the Bej3 web game. Auto is having a difficult time reading the severe animation. So I put a 5-second timeout feature that hopefully fixes it. Now, Blitzy will ignore the cube until there are absolutely no moves remaining. After 5 seconds it will call it a cube and spend it. If this doesn't fix it properly, I will try another approach in a future version.
13 (11.8.2011) Added the web flash version of Bejeweled 3™. This auto will only work using the Google Chrome web browser. Blitzy also covers the premium download version, as well as Facebook's Bejeweled Blitz™. A three in one auto. Soon to be four, as Bejeweled Blitz™ is also coming to the main site with rank and badges.
12 (9.29.2011) I had a feeling there would be changes after their maintenance today. Couple of buttons and the outer rim were slightly modified.
11 (8.30.2011) Just about all of the buttons were moved around again, stalling the auto.
10 (8.19.2011) A new, broken Continue button stalled the auto. Thanks, Sherrie!
9 (8.14.2011) Most of the buttons were moved around and they removed the hidden flash child window that I was reading to find the game. Since I had to use a different approach, the auto now works in Internet Explorer again. But I recommend Google Chrome for its much faster speed. It does appear that the Blitz game is now a little choppier, though. Not sure what else they did in there, but it seems a tad sluggish now.
8 (7.14.2011) For some reason, they randomly moved half of the gems down exactly one pixel. I doubt it was on purpose because it could have been a lot worse.
7 (6.25.2011) They moved one of the Cancel buttons between games and it stalled the auto. Thanks for letting me know about it, Ronald.
6 (12.30.2010) Blitzy now plays most of Bejeweled 3™ as well. You can find this downloadable game at your game site's premium downloads section and it includes numerous Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Elite badges and quests. Yes, this auto still plays Bejeweled Blitz™ inside Facebook, exactly the same way as it did before (and now clicks away those A New High Score Cancel buttons for non-stop action). Inside Bejeweled 3's options, uncheck all 4 boxes on the left panel and enable Normal (800x600) on the right side. This will play your game in a smaller, much faster window and keep everyone on the same track. For now, only test these modes: Lightning, Zen, Ice Storm and Diamond Mines. Yes, it will play Classic and a few of the other quests as well, but more intel is on the way for those (as time permits). As with all of my autos, stay out of Windows Aero mode and don't run any other programs than Bejeweled and Blitzy. You want to give all of your processor's speed to just these two programs to keep the flow fast and smooth; otherwise, things will probably get choppy. Crank the auto to 100 speed for maximum results, as this auto is currently capable of winning almost all of the game's Premium and Elite badges. Just be sure to follow the exact directions I have just listed above: no Aero mode, windowed 800x600, uncheck all 4 left options, 100 speed, Lightning, Zen, Ice, Diamond only (for now).
5 (10.15.2010) They changed just about everything in the game, moving stuff around. I like it better this way, but it required an update to keep the games flowing properly. I ran it for 3 hours solid today, so it appears everything's back to normal. Go beat my 1.2 million score already!
4 (9.21.2010) Since Kevin decided to (barely) beat my 700,000 high score, I pulled out the code and stuck a few smart pills up Blitzy's ass. This auto now averages between 300k and 900k per game, depending on your processor speed, ram, browser choice (I suggest Firefox or Google Chrome) and luck of the falling gems. And that's without using any boosts! Take advantage of the Use Boosts option, spend some of those coins, and you'll be approaching 1.5 million in no time. I am still struggling to read that spinning cube correctly, so bear with me. Thanks for the drive, Kevin, I am sure everyone will appreciate the outcome.
3 (9.16.2010) First of all, thanks to everyone for letting me know they broke the auto. Here's what's going on. They increased the height of the game window, which is why version 2 could no longer see it. Unfortunately, after fixing that in the code (and all of the changed locations of things like buttons and the grid of gems itself) and adding all of the new popup windows, it appears they have changed the intel. No longer are there tons of moves for Blitzy to take advantage of. Therefore, the auto no longer was capable of huge scores above 1 million. It was horrid, until I completely erased my old intelligence and changed it to something completely generic. At this time (at 100 speed), you should see scores between 100,000 to 200,000 without using any boosts. But If you do enable the Use Boosts slidebar and maybe set it on 3 to see what I mean, you should witness 150,000 to 400,000 scores. Sometimes even as high as 700k if you are lucky. I also added a Harvest Gem checkmark option for when that Moonstone popup window appears. By the way, when you first start using Blitzy after loading the Bejeweled game and that very first "New High Score" window stalls the auto because the game vanished, here's what you do. Do not click Cancel or Share, but rather scroll your browser window back down to the game and Blitzy will cruise on with no further interruptions (even if you achieve yet another New High Score). That's a nifty way around that issue. Anyway, I am aware that there are minor tweaks still needed in this version and will get to it as time permits. Since this auto is completely free, it is totally not my priority or concern. When I have the time, I may have plans on trying some of the old smart intelligence again to see if our scores can increase somewhat. So please do not email and tell me this Blitzy update no longer scores over 1 million points or that you see flaws that need attention, as I will most likely copy and paste everything written here. Any time there is an update to any of my autos, you need to visit that section of my web site and then you'll know exactly what's going on. I recommend running this auto with the Use Boosts option off (0) while you sleep to gather tons of coins. Then, when you are ready to spend those coins you accumulated and snag some high scores, slide the option up to 3 until you are satisfied. I apologize for the delay in this release while Blitzy was on the fritzy, but at least we're all clicking again.
2 (4.20.2010) Installed a Use Boosts option to create higher scores in the 1.5 million range. The three most powerful power-ups (Mystery Gem, +5 Seconds, Free Multiplier) can be spent as often as you wish. If you want them every 10 games, slide the option to 10. But I recommend staying higher than 20, or you will end up burning through all of your coins since you are spending more than you make. If you don't want to use this option, set it to the default of zero. To maximize performance (as with all of my autos), please remember to close all windows and any extra activity. The only thing you should be running is your Bejeweled game and Blitzy. It's also possible that a different browser may play smoother for you.
1 (4.3.2010) This auto is currently 100% Freeware, meaning it's just plain old free for now. Therefore, I am not offering any technical support on it. I am aware their game locks up occasionally, which is why I included a 30-second timeout and the auto should back itself out to the main menu and continue normally. It also has trouble when the spinning cube is the only move remaining on the screen. Other than that, be careful at 100 speed or you will be landing yourself scores over 1 million. If you enable some of those powerups manually, I have seen scores reach 1.5 million at top speed. Very fun auto to watch, as your monitor sometimes feels like it's about to explode! If and when I find the time to update this auto, I will. Feel free to pass this free auto to your Facebook friends, of course! Go win yourselves some of those leaderboard contests.
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