Bowly version 23

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, navigate to the site's Bowling game and STOP. Now start my Bowly and hover your mouse on that upper dark strip at the top of your game, exactly as the pink arrow down there is showing. The auto should recognize it and start playing your game.
Other settings:  If the default settings brought to us by the Sarah genius (Lane 100, Throw 100, Delay 60, Spin 100, Offset 7) are not working well for you, try these instead: Lane 60, Throw 100, Delay 25, Spin 95, Offset 25... or Lane 12, Throw 100, Delay 0, Spin 100, Offset 78. One of these three configurations should keep your games bowling at least 150-250 points. If any of you want to get creative and find better settings that throw more strikes, please do come forth at once! But I think Sarah's gonna have you quite a few 300-perfect games if you just let it run. Here's 11 strikes and 1 spare for 279:

23 (11.3.2017) My apologies for such a quick update after the last, but the new turkey pins actually needed a tiny color adjustment. Not always, and not for everyone, but it's hopefully back on track and you shouldn't see any more second throw Spare stalls now.
22 (11.1.2017) Kind of a nice little update here. For starters, a few of you had back-corner pin issues (#7 and #10) where the auto would sometimes ignore them and just sit there, not going for the Spare. Hopefully that's fixed for you guys... thanks for those that sent snapshots. Now I am sure you are aware that their game breaks on us within 1-5 hours, booting you completely out of the room with a "Your game will not load (Cripes!)" screen. Very annoying, makes it difficult to rank up overnight. Therefore, I added some code that will detect your new tab's title bar has changed to this and will send the Control-W key. This is a keyboard shortcut for closing the current tab. Great. Now that spits you back to the previous tab, where there's a nice big yellow Start Game button for the auto to click. And you're back in a game. You will know this happened because I change Bowly's title bar from just plain "Bowly" to "Bowly: 1", meaning I have performed this operation one time so far. Testers have reported an average of one boot every 3 hours... but my fix should still have you cruising. Note that you will need to use the Shift key to pause this auto now (instead of the Control key). But please follow these very simple rules, as any deviation from the following might not work and was not tested. 1- Use Google Chrome (other browsers might work since they use the same Control-W shortcut, but who knows). 2- Go to their site's list of rooms but don't pick one. Click their yellow Start Game button instead. 3- Stay out of their lame pop-up window mode. Go to My Account, type in your password, the Security tab on the left, scroll all the way down, uncheck their "Open games in a pop-up window" box and save your changes. If you follow these three simple rules, this new keep my game alive trick should work well for you and makes it much easier to climb rank without babysitting their constant breaking games.
21 (12.2.2015) After removing the Thanksgiving turkey pins and immediately switching to the Christmas elf pins, we found the same recent shading issue again. Some of you have shaded elves, some of us don't. So now officially, at the time of this writing, hopefully this auto will cover all six styles: regular, turkey or elf pins, shaded or not. Big frackin smile.
20 (11.6.2015) Well, it appears that some of you still have the old (shaded) turkey pins, lol. Who woulda thunkeded? This version should hopefully cover both.
19 (11.2.2015) This year's turkey pins were very slightly modified. No big deal. Hopefully they stay put this time. I appreciate all of you usual turkeys that took the time to make sure I was aware about it... gobble, gobble.
18 (1.10.2015) I guess they didn't remove the shading for all of us. Looks like we have another old graphics/new graphics crap going on. That new guy (at the game site) totally needs to be fired for not covering his tracks. Hopefully, this version should cover all of us. See the shaded back pins on the left (new graphics), compared to the pure white pins on the right (old graphics). Is there truly a reason? Fire his ass! Oh, and if you are using Sarah's settings shown above, I think you should slide that Offset from 6 to 7. The pins were slightly moved.
17 (1.7.2015) No more elves. They also removed the shading on the pins, so the auto was stalling on every second throw.
16 (12.1.2014) The annual Christmas elf pins arrived overnight.
15 (11.11.2014) The annual Thanksgiving turkey pins arrived overnight.
14 (10.10.2014) As with many others and more to come, this game has now also been converted into Flash. Unfortunately, we lost the Doubly feature in the process. You can't really double-browse with two accounts anyway, not with this one holding down left and right mouse buttons to spin the ball. You would be fighting each other for control of the mouse and have major issues. As spoken above, let me know if you find any better settings right away. Even a slight tweak in any direction of those five options can bring huge results!
13 (11.10.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
12 (9.24.2012) At the end of every 10 frames, a game error popup window could not find frame, xd not working (23:undefined) was stopping the game. For now, I could only fix it using Google Chrome since it's a true popup window... so please use that browser until they recognize their error.
11 (9.6.2012) And... here's that backup v9, back to the non-Olympic regular theme. Thanks for letting me know, Debbie.
10 (7.18.2012) The game is now embedded in the browser, including a temporary Olympics theme. I made a backup of the last version, which we will use again in a few weeks.
9 (3.21.2012) I believe a recent java update has made the old default settings (Lane 60, Throw 100, Delay 25, Spin 90, Offset 25) play worse than before. Maybe the game has sped up (or slowed down) and it has affected my options. Therefore, I took an hour each of these last three days to look for a solution and discovered that cranking the Spin +5 to 95 seems to be working well. Most games score over 200, sometimes as high as 260. That's the only change made in this update... change your Spin to 95.
8 (4.1.2010) This auto now plays the game inside your Facebook window as well, if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. If you are having any issues, Firefox might be the better browser choice.
7 (2.9.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course.
6 (3.27.2009) They reverted back, so I fixed the non-club Blocked rooms again.
5 (11.29.2008) Fixed non-club Blocked rooms.
4 (12.5.2007) Other new, minor Christmas decorations had stopped the auto.
3 (12.18.2006) The naughty elves have been spanked.
2 (11.15.2006) Thanksgiving changes are included now. So after the switchback later, this file should still be working (hopefully). I also updated to the latest shell that auto-downloads the latest version of itself and made a few better adjustments to the printouts in the auto's window.
1 (4.27.2006) 200+ average per game, multiple turkeys, so many strikes you become disappointed with anything else. Use Sun Java and these settings: Lane 60, Throw 100, Delay 25, Spin 90, Offset 25. If your computer is not scoring as described here, make sure the only thing you are running is your bowling game and Bowly. Otherwise, play with the settings a bit. This is the most configurable, highest scoring and most strikes-making bowling auto you will ever find.
0.3 (4.25.2006) So far, so good. I am working on this only right now. Couple of tweaks that will finalize a version 1 later today. Ever bowled a 200+ game? Please wait for final version 1 if you have anything negative to say (I'm still working on it, obviously). Until then, play a dozen sets or so without moving your mouse. See?
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