Cakey version 11
(Crazy Cakes 2)

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

11 (5.27.2020) They fixed the title bar error, but now display something completely different than before.
10 (5.17.2020) The Early Access games have an error in their title bars (displaying "undefined" instead of the game's actual name), so the auto was unable to find the window. After they fix the mistake, this version should hopefully still work for us since I now search for either up there.
9 (4.22.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
8 (3.11.2020) The Continue Game button was moved again, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
7 (2.27.2020) The game got its Continue Game screen adjusted, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
6 (12.27.2019) Upgraded to the new Html5 version of the game. For now, it loops level 1 only, covering all current challenges at the time of this writing. That's every 96 seconds (at top 100 Speed): 9 strawberry cookies served to 9 Knight customers, for a 3-star win, a game score of 2620 points and +9 Rank points advancement. So simply start a fresh level 1 and fire up some Cakey.
5 (6.6.2013) Another stall on the game summary Play Again screen. They had moved/hidden the game side 1,000 pixels south, underneath your monitor... but now put it back.
4 (11.17.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
3 (7.28.2012) The game is now embedded into the browser with a new game summary Play Again button.
2 (10.19.2010) They changed the window size this morning. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Sharon.
1 (5.6.2008) First and foremost, keep your mouse over the Recipes book inside your game window... below the flowerpot. Otherwise, the constant wand sparkling will cause graphic misreads or highlight items improperly. Make sure you get through the tutorial first, of course. Also, when you play the first few games, there's a bunch of annoying Ok button popups that explain new things you discover. Get through those as well, as they are destroying the integrity of the auto. Afterwards, everything should be smooth cooking. Crank to 100 speed for Master Chef difficulty. If the fairy is just going too fast (repeating the same move or bouncing around all over the place), bring your speed down a couple notches. Another thing you could try is switching java platforms, which is explained in full at my FAQ. Fireworks are spent if you have three at one time, or if more than one patron's rage meter (average) is approaching doom. The other powerup styles are spent randomly... but only if all three powerup slots are full. Unless it's day four, in which it uses them immediately so they are not wasted. It's neat to see the auto stockpile the special powerups until the final day and then spend them all for a large win. Flowers are attempted when anyone's anger is orange or red, if your fairy isn't too busy at that very moment. For the most part, you will see that Cakey indeed tries to keep your Delivery Chain alive. However, you will notice some of the faster-cooked pastries can ruin your flow once in a while. A few tandem bonuses should occur here and there, but only when two ovens finish preparing two desserts for the same customer and the fairy scoops them up together for the delivery. There might be an update within a week, but it's doubtful because the auto is currently (consistently) blasting through the weeks on the hardest difficulty and rarely losing any served desserts. I will keep an eye on any incoming Cakey emails just in case... but at this point the only complaints are from people that haven't read this Cakey section of my site. Makes me wonder why I write all this stuff here, sometimes. Lol.
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