Escapey version 47
(Mahjong Escape)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, navigate to Mahjong Escape's front main menu page (before you select a country) and STOP. Now start my Escapey and hover your mouse on the green word Rank at the bottom of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and is immediately ready for you to manually select a country.
Super-fast tiles collected, 3-star wins, flowers, seasons, quick finds and gold tiles:  Byzantine Empire level 16 is your ticket, which was recently given a purposeful super-charge back in my Escapey version 6. It now skips both 5-second scanning countdowns and simply fwacks everything gone immediately instead. So if you haven't unlocked this very awesome level yet, you really should take the time to do so. Because every 8.5 seconds (at top 100 Speed), you will have a win... and 146 collected tiles (2 are the gold multipliers). Just slide my Repeat Level option to 16 and fire up the Byzantine Empire country.
Super-fast Time Machines and Lock/Key sets:  Byzantine Empire level 20 is your ticket, which was recently given a purposeful super-charge back in my Escapey version 39. This unique level is now twice as fast, since I installed all of the tile locations and can skip the scanning countdowns! Every 60 seconds (on average at top 100 Speed), you will have a Time Machine win... and four pairs of Lock and Key tiles. Just check mark my Byzantine 20 option and fire up the Byzantine Empire country.
Torch or Google Chrome only:  Since Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer could have altered graphics and are much slower in processing these Flash-embedded games, please use the Torch or Chrome web browser instead. If things change, I will be happy to include these other three... but this is just not the case right now. If any other browser works for you, consider it a bonus.

47 (5.3.2019) Edinburgh.
46 (4.1.2019) Kyoto.
45 (3.4.2019) Dublin. Budapest and Vancouver used a prior map.
44 (12.1.2018) Boston.
43 (11.1.2018) Lima. October's Milan used a prior map.
42 (9.1.2018) Miami. July's Jakarta and August's Buenos Aires used prior maps.
41 (6.1.2018) Johannesburg.
40 (5.1.2018) Washington DC.
39 (4.12.2018) New neat little check mark option: Byzantine 20. I figured I would find us an efficient "go to" level for pairs of Lock and Key tiles. But also one that is a Time Machine level, so we can kill two birds with one stone. Simply enable this option, choose Byzantine Empire and watch its lightning speed (purposely coded twice as fast in this unique level with no scanning time). Sporting a decent 64% win ratio, you should witness four Lock/Key sets and credit for one Time Machine level every 60 seconds! Further, this will also be a great help with any Collect 150 tiles after matching the gold tiles challenges. The golds are prioritized and removed rather quickly, usually leaving a good handful of regular tiles afterward.
38 (4.1.2018) Zurich.
37 (3.2.2018) Madrid.
36 (2.2.2018) Beijing.
35 (1.1.2018) Toronto.
34 (12.2.2017) New Delhi. Last month's London did not require an update because they used a prior map.
33 (10.1.2017) Manila. Last month's Los Angeles did not require an update because they used a prior map.
32 (8.2.2017) Tokyo.
31 (7.1.2017) Prague. Last month's St. Petersburg city did not require an update because they used a prior map.
30 (5.4.2017) Seoul.
29 (4.1.2017) Today's new Amsterdam. Also, some (not all) of every five levels' badge completion popup windows were changed, which stalled the auto.
28 (3.2.2017) Istanbul.
27 (2.3.2017) Hong Kong.
26 (1.1.2017) Berlin. I guess it wasn't a one-time lucky event. There was no update needed for this month's city since they re-used someone else's map again.
26 (12.1.2016) Chicago. Also note, last month's city of Vienna did not need harvested... which is why there was no update required. For some reason, they decided to use the same exact map as one of the older cities (so the auto already knew it and took right off). I was hoping this laziness would become standard and we would never need new updates again, but I guess it was just a one-time lucky event.
25 (10.2.2016) Mexico City.
24 (9.1.2016) Venice.
23 (8.1.2016) Bangkok.
22 (7.2.2016) Barcelona.
21 (6.8.2016) Hawaii.
20 (5.3.2016) Athens.
19 (4.2.2016) San Francisco.
18 (3.3.2016) Paris. Don't be scared to stop the auto if some struggling locks/keys exist. Just give it a helping hand and you'll be through it faster than a locksmith. I've said it a million times on this page. It's not rocket science.
17 (2.3.2016) Rio de Janeiro.
16 (1.5.2016) Montreal. Difficult: level 40.
15 (12.2.2015) North Pole. These levels might take the longest: 10, 25, 45, 47, 60.
14 (11.3.2015) Moscow.
13 (10.5.2015) Sydney. Possible help: levels 35, 45, 50.
12 (9.2.2015) Rome. Give some help or time: levels 45, 50, 55.
11 (8.1.2015) New York. Level 55 could take some time. Also killed most of those Got awful your session has timed out popup refreshes.
10 (7.4.2015) And now Britain. Its levels 25, 35, 50 and 55 could use some manual assistance to speed things up, but not really all that necessary. Since the main menu (showing all of the country choices) is now scrollable, I had to change where we hover our mouse to get started. See the above tip and picture.
9 (6.26.2015) Last night, they changed a few things on the opening screen. There's now a scroll bar at the bottom, allowing access to the upcoming pathway of new countries. These color changes made the auto unable to find the letter J properly. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know so quickly, Stan.
8 (6.3.2015) Another easy one: Vietnam. The auto pretty much smokes this new country, except for level 55 (and maybe 30 and 40). Two band-aids were applied on level 25 and 37 because of a few tiles cropped off the north edge of the game. Not sure why they keep doing that when there's such a large playing area and it can so easily be avoided. Dahhh... I think I will put these tiles way up here so people can only see half of them! Dahhh...
7 (5.2.2015) Added yesterday's new country of Late India. Known difficult levels that will probably need some of your manual assistance or else ran through the night: 18, 25, 40, 42, 45, 50. Thankfully, this country is actually one of the easiest in the game... in my opinion.
6 (4.26.2015) The only thing different about this file is that awesome Byzantine Empire level 16. I was able to skip the 5-second scanning countdown (both of them) by telling the auto exactly where those 146 tiles exist. So this now cycles the level every 8.5 seconds rather than 17, which is twice as fast for your challenges.
5 (4.6.2015) Included country number five: Byzantine Empire. Known difficult levels that will probably need some of your manual assistance and/or ran through the night: 10, 30, 35, 40, 42. But my favorite level is 16. So remember this one in qualifying future challenges, okay? Simply slide Escapey's Repeat Level option to 16 and enjoy the show! A true shame all of the other levels aren't this incredibly fast...
4 (3.2.2015) Yesterday brought Egypt. Known difficult levels that will probably need some of your manual assistance or else ran through the night: 4, 40, 45, 55.
3 (2.9.2015) Added the 60 new Early India levels. Level 23 needed a band-aid, as it has a tile cropped way at the top under the Menu button. It appears that level 44 will need to be played manually until further notice, based on a LOT of hidden (yet playable) tiles. The auto is getting stuck when it accidentally highlights a hidden tile and then cannot make a pair with it. Hopefully, I fixed a weird color issue at the maps, where Escapey was not selecting the next level 100% of the time. Sometimes it was replaying the last level you just finished because the white word Play (on the next level) had not appeared quite yet. And lastly (temporary for now), I refresh your browser window when the dreaded Your Session has Timed Out popup screen appears. It will help you last a bit longer, but unfortunately, the cactus of death screen will eventually arrive and there's no way out of it unless your browser is completely closed and a fresh one is loaded. Will probably head that forceful direction in the next update instead of just a quicky refresh. For now, you can see how many times the auto has refreshed by looking at its title bar. It will change from "Escapey" to the number 1... 2... 3... etc.
2 (1.6.2015) Added the 60 new Japan levels. Changed the auto to go ahead and select the next available level when at the maps, rather than having to do it ourselves manually. Installed a new Repeat Level (1-60) option to keep things pumping. I suppose this will cover all kinds of future challenges, so you will just have to find a level that best suits your needs and have the auto repeat it over and over. Fixed a stall on one of the later China levels and had to recode the locks and keys department based on some stalls found in Japan. When Early India arrives, it should now be as simple as entering the 60 map coordinates and hopefully everything should kick in nicely afterward.
1 (12.2.2014) Note that some upper levels have severely buried tiles behind large 3-d stacks, in which the auto obviously can't see them. Hell, sometimes they are so buried you cannot see them YOURSELF or click them manually. The game will say there's "one match remaining" but you are left dead in the water since you can't see a hidden tile to click it. So do not purchase this auto if you have a problem giving a manual helping hand once in a while. It's a stupid game-author problem and completely not my fault. Escapey is basically capable of three stars on every level if you give it a chance. Choose your desired level, then start the auto and wait til it's all over. This could take one try, it could take 2-4 repeats, and some of the upper levels are gonna take a lot more than that (such as level 35). You could help the situation by pausing the auto with the Control key on your keyboard and pumping out some of those hidden straggler matches yourself, or simply "set it and forget it" by letting it run overnight while you are sleeping. Don't change any of the game's options either. Keep the Highlight Free Tiles checked, Full Screen off and stay with the default Classic tile set. Escapey prioritizes the 2x multiplier tiles... and then the locks and keys.
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