Jungly version 29
(Jungle Gin HD)

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

Underknock recommendation:  Basically (logically), underknocking your opponent (having less deadwood points in your hand than your opponent when the round is over) is best accomplished by having them knock with a large amount of deadwood while you have less. Therefore, you obviously want an opponent that knocks immediately when they have 10 or less points remaining in their hand. The computer robot does exactly that, so I suggest playing against a Beginner-skilled Robot at a private table. My Dummy feature will not help you whatsoever, since the Dummy account will never knock at all. Also, stay away from the Oklahoma mode... as this will just slow things down. Oklahoma has a deadwood cap that forces the computer bot to wait before knocking until it has less than or equal to the Maximum points shown on the right. We want the computer to knock right away (hopefully with 10 deadwood points) rather than to be limited and wait. Also, there's something new programmed inside Jungly's Knock with option. Slide it all the way up to 11 and you will never knock at all! This keeps your account playing forever, buying you all the time needed to allow the computer to finally knock. There's a lot of luck involved in the success of an underknock (hoping your opponent knocks with a large amount of deadwood points, obtaining a great hand for yourself with hopefully very low deadwood, the timing of getting that great hand before the computer knocks). So just follow the instructions I wrote here and walk away. It will happen.
A whole bunch of Gins:  Obviously, slide the Knock with option all the way down to zero. This forces Jungly to Gin out every time, rather than knocking early with any deadwood points. Also, I recommend taking advantage of my Dummy feature. Get a private table ready with your good account in Torch. Now use the other web browser (Google Chrome) and join with a dummy account sitting across from you. At this point, you have two screen names open in two separate browser windows on your desktop (or even two different computers is fine). Now open two Jungly autos, one for each browser. Torch's auto is already good to go. But change Chrome's auto's Browser option to "Chrome", of course. And check mark its Dummy option while you are in there. Your good account will keep playing until it wins with Gin while the Dummy account keeps throwing off, never knocking at all and handing you tons of points.
Massive rank advancement, "Win 50 hands", "Score 1000 gin points", "Win 3 500-point matches":  Set your Knock with option to 10 so the auto knocks immediately for the win. Be sure to use Dummy (as described in the A whole bunch of Gins tip above. In doing so, you are forcing guaranteed wins and lots of points since Dummy is feeding you huge racks of 80-90 deadwood points per hand. One more suggestion is to definitely play in Oklahoma mode. Why? 1 out of 4 games has "Double Points" (whenever the opening discard pile is a spade). This little bonus should help speed up your progress by 25%, at least for gin points and winning matches.

29 (7.20.2020) The title bar of the browser window was changed again.
28 (6.24.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
27 (5.27.2020) They fixed the title bar error, but now display something completely different than before.
26 (5.17.2020) The Early Access games have an error in their title bars (displaying "undefined" instead of the game's actual name), so the auto was unable to find the window. After they fix the mistake, this version should hopefully still work for us since I now search for either up there.
25 (4.26.2020) Some slight changes were made to the four card suits... so Jungly wasn't able to read all of the cards correctly. All fixed now, hopefully. Also, the Continue Game and Okay! buttons were moved again.
24 (3.11.2020) The Continue Game button was moved again, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
23 (2.25.2020) Upgraded to the new Html5 HD version of the game. Be sure to first check mark the correct Browser in my Options. I had to do it this way since so many of us double-browse for super-awesome rank advancement (Dummy gives huge 80-90 deadwood points per hand, so read the above tips). I also removed the old Shuffle option, as it was worthless.
22 (8.22.2017) Annual summer island background removed.
21 (6.26.2017) The annual summer island background is back. They also changed the font of the "maximum" numbers in Oklahoma.
20 (8.24.2016) The background of the game was changed again. Stop it already!
19 (6.20.2016) The background of the game was slightly changed, causing the auto unable to find it.
18 (3.24.2016) Some of you have a moved game summary Play Again screen. This version should cover either way.
17 (3.2.2015) Confusion with people choosing their Don't allow knocking option to start the auto. Hover your mouse in the same place. Knock button, Gin button, who cares. The BUTTON!
16 (8.24.2014) The background theme was changed from the ocean with shark to tropical with waterfall. This made the auto unable to find the Knock button to start your game. Thanks for letting me know, Louise.
15 (7.25.2014) The new game summary popup window (with Play Again button) stalled the auto.
14 (7.19.2014) Looks like the final migration from java to flash is now complete for everyone. So we all need to be using the latest version 14 at this point. Thanks for letting me know, Frank.
14 (6.27.2014) As with many others and more to come, this game has now also been converted into Flash (but not for all of us quite yet). If your chat is still purple in color, you are playing the old Java version. So you will need to use the last Jungly 13, which you can download here. Unfortunately, we lost the Doubly feature in the process... but not really. Instead, simply open multiple copies of Jungly and use each auto separately on the different browsers. Note that Chrome and Firefox allow you to drag the right edge of your window and resize it to the left, cropping most of the chat side away. This can help fit more windows on your desktop. Also, a new change for the awesome Dummy feature: you need to enter the browser name (chrome, firefox, explorer, etc.) instead of the screen name. This is due to the fact that they have removed the screen name from the title bar, so this is the way you tell one of the autos which browser is to be the Dummy assistant. Be sure to read the above tip so you know where to hover your mouse to get started properly. Dummy is your best friend here, so you better give it a shot! Quick wins, sometimes in only two hands, the power is at your fingertips.
13 (11.30.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
12 (7.4.2012) And... they put the old background back. This version no longer cares about backgrounds. Change 'em all ya want.
11 (6.7.2012) Brand new background (island scene with swimming sharks) stalled the auto with Wait.
10 (2.17.2012) Nothing major. The Start Game and Use Computer buttons were moved, when sitting at a table rather than clicking the Play against Robots link. Thanks for letting me know, Trey.
9 (11.5.2011) My Knock with option broke because they changed the Knock button over there on the right. While I was in there, I stretched this option to allow never knocking at all (slide it to 11). This will help those underknocking challenges big time, so read the Underknock tip above for full details! Also, when playing an Oklahoma game, Jungly was ignoring your Knock with setting and always going for Gin every time instead. The auto now knows the "Maximum" needed and plays Oklahoma correctly.
8 (10.20.2010) They changed the window size yesterday morning. Easy fix.
7 (1.31.2008) Couple minor things... Control key now pauses auto, Doubly fixed, other latest shell stuff. Just trying to catch up some of these older titles. Thanks, Alma.
6 (10.9.2007) Fixed today's window size change.
5 (9.26.2006) Updated again to handle today's new changes. No biggy.
4 (9.14.2006) Slowed everyone down slightly because the auto was going just a bit too fast in higher speeds. So if anyone is experiencing their cards still getting jammed or anything unusual, just slide that little Game Speed option down until the problem stops. That's why the slidebar exists. Do not assume that your computer can handle top 100 speeds with any of my autos, especially when you insist on having Norton Security enabled, 4 other unknown TSR's running by your clock and various anti-virus programs hogging your precious resources that your java/auto crave. Those that listen to their cries and oblige are the ones enjoying that extra speed oomph, right?
3 (9.12.2006) I threw in an option called "Dummy" for my double browsing groupies. Wow!!! this is going to make the ranks fly by.
2 (9.12.2006) Jungly 2 has arrived. I will be working on the final version 3 throughout the day.
1 (7.16.2006) Jungly has two options inside. You can have the auto knock after a certain amount of deadwood points have been reached with the "Knock with" option. You can also make yourself appear more realistic by having Jungly organize your cards. This auto is very intelligent and fast. Just in case, I am keeping an eye on it throughout the day so feel free to send me any comments or concerns.
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