Nopoly version 23
(Monopoly™ Sudoku)

Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

23 (10.4.2023) Let's face it. The game locks up once in a while. So I installed my famous 60-second inactivity timeout browser refresher to keep the flow. My version 23 just ran 2.5 days nonstop (60 hours with 7 refreshes reported in the title bar), so I'm releasing this update.
22 (9.1.2023) Many of the game's buttons, popups and cards were recently changed. So I included these new styles in the code as well, just in case either arrive.
21 (6.3.2022) All of the games had their Continue Game intermission screen altered, which stalled the autos.
20 (3.6.2022) Some of the popup button windows eventually become slightly faded, so I included both sets to maintain the flow.
19 (3.1.2022) For me, after city #2 was completely built and finished with hotels, I maxed out at $2,099,999,999. This stalled the auto with a few new popup screens that I installed inside this update.
18 (2.22.2022) Huge update: the dead old flash Monopoly™ Classic game has been replaced with the new html5 Monopoly™ Sudoku game. So if you've registered Nopoly in the past, your registration code (and password) are still the same and version 18 now plays the new Sudoku instead. In the harder levels, the auto should remember your correct number placements (and quickly replay them after losing your three lives). Rank out, upgrade all property and win every in-game badge with the hundreds of millions you will collect using this most-excellent Nopoly auto. Includes a Difficulty option!
17 (1.2.2018) After this morning's maintenance, just about all in-game popup buttons were changed... and that's A LOT. Rolling your dice, ending your turn, building, auctions, community chest, mortgaging, jail, you name it. All were changed, with half of them now grossly uncentered and even a few spelling errors. Uh, wtf.
16 (9.17.2016) Some of you have a moved game summary Play Again button. Hopefully this version will cover both.
15 (5.28.2016) A slight change to the main game board made the auto unable to find your game while hovering the mouse on the Menu button. Thanks for making me aware, Marcie.
14 (11.3.2015) I think I may have killed most of those annoying Your Session has Timed out popups/refreshes with my little band-aid trick.
13 (5.27.2015) Three new overnight stalls: badge completion popup window with Close button, game summary popup with yellow Play Again button moved, Your Session has Timed out popup with yellow Refresh button also moved.
12 (12.4.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
11 (9.12.2012) Just about every single button was altered, as well as a new game summary Play Again button.
10 (8.7.2012) We now need to hover our mice over the lower-left Menu button, as shown in the above picture. I am trying to get my autos away from that stupid yellow Start Game button.
9 (4.10.2012) The game got unseated and was pushed over a bit.
8 (1.29.2012) Your Session has Timed out's Refresh button is completely broken. The auto was doing its job, trying to click it, but there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, I installed my famous "close browser and reopen a fresh one" trick instead. But you will need to keep Google Chrome as your default web browser (as described above). By the way, if you wake up one morning and see the auto's title bar has changed to "Nopoly: 7"... this means I saved your ass by opening seven fresh browser windows through the night.
7 (12.22.2011) I guess you could say this is one of the major updates this file has received. It all started with the new style of the way they open the game, so the auto could no longer find it. Therefore, from now on, we need to hover over the new yellow Start Game button just like the other newer flash-embedded games that have recently been changed. Go to the game site's list and choose Monopoly... then stop! This next screen is where the yellow Start Game button exists, over on the left. Now start my Nopoly and hover your mouse on it. The auto should recognize it, click it, beep at you and snap away your mouse. Also included in this update is a new built-in feature that automatically saves your game after every 25 occurrences of the Roll Dice button. This is rather nice, as it keeps your game safe (and your rank progress) every 7-8 minutes in case something bad were to happen. I think yer gonna like it. The You Achived Rank Close button was moved north quite a bit, stalling the auto. Some graphics were obviously changed, as my window kept reporting Unmortgage all of the time but didn't cause any damage to game play. And finally, the Rents Collected counter was broken due to changed graphics, also not harming anything. But all that's hopefully fixed... for now. ;)
6 (12.2.2011) The end of game's Play again button was moved. Thanks, Augie.
5 (10.25.2011) Again, this morning's maintenance brought some extra curls and swirls in the blue background behind all of the flash-embedded games, so the auto was having a hard time finding the game. If they keep changing it, I may have to resort to another approach. You might need to clear your Chrome's cache (click the upper-right wrench Tools button, then Tools, Clear browsing data, checkmark the top 4 boxes only, make sure the top pulldown reads “the beginning of time”, then click the “Clear browsing data” button at the bottom) and your Flash cache (click here, then the “Delete all sites” button, Confirm) to force the new blue background to arrive.
4 (10.11.2011) This morning's extended maintenance brought a different blue background behind the game, so the auto couldn't see it. While I was in there, I coded all of these flash-embedded games to simply Put your mouse anywhere on game! to get started.
3 (9.16.2011) Yesterday's maintenance changed every button and popup window in the game. I am not sure why they do that, as I truly see no improvement or real difference. Let me know if I missed anything... got bored watching game after game, hour after hour. Thanks for letting me know it happened, Nicole.
2 (6.28.2011) Hopefully fixed the cactus of death screen with an F5 refresh and 10 second pause afterward. Also installed a Build checkmark option by request and sped your game piece up a bit. I reorganized some of the code so it plays a little better towards rank progress and show more of your stats in the auto's window. For super speedy Rents Collected, I recommend keeping the Build option off and eventually buying all of the computer's property. Just pause the auto with the Control key on your keyboard and manually offer 1.5x to 2x the property's purchasing price until he bites. Once you own them all, keep an eye on the game and make sure the computer doesn't run out of cash. When he starts to get low, sell him a property for $1 and immediately buy it back for thou$ands. Continue this cycle until yer sick of it and just let him die. Huge, stinky rank progress. And never let him build houses and hotels. You can stop this easily by waiting until the computer needs just one last property to complete a monopoly set... then just buy one from him. So if the bot owns Ventnor and Marvin Gardens, while Atlantic is still unowned, that's trouble and will ruin your fast rank plan. Just offer him $400-500 for his Ventnor and take care of the potential problem. And likewise, if the computer owns Mediterranean, trade him $70 for it.
1 (6.22.2011) I am releasing this version as it is... with intention of possibly adding more to it later in a future update. I figured I would let the public have it for a while and maybe come up with some ideas. So let me know if you discover anything that may speed rank progress. I think one of their Chance or Community Chest Pay house and hotel fee cards is charging an outrageous amount. Also, the Mortgage button is highlighting when it's not supposed to, sometimes, and it's throwing off the auto. There also might be an existing "forever game" if both players are not able to build houses. I just haven't witnessed one of those yet and have no idea what will happen. Because at that point, nobody is going to win so you might have to somehow finish the game yourself manually by offering the computer a really good trade (all of your property and cash, lol) to end the game and get all that rent credit. When I get to that point, I will try to find a solution for us.
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