Quicky version 3 (3-Point Showdown and Quick Shot)  2 in one!
3 (5.29.2008) A few changed graphics caused Quick Shot to stall after setting up a shot. Not any more, thanks to Holli's tip.
2 (8.31.2007) Added another game (3-Point Showdown) today. This makes Quicky a 2 for 1 deal, as it is now capable of playing both basketball games... all in just one auto. The only thing you really need to know that's important, is if you are a Sun java user, the default 19 setting for the Jump Delay option will be just fine. If you use Microsoft VM java instead, you should slide this option to around 60 or so. In any case, Jump Delay allows you to "fix" the auto if need be. Maybe your configuration has you a little faster than the others, or maybe you have a slower machine... either way, you can easily adjust how high your guy jumps in the air before releasing each shot. If the 3-Point game is missing more than 3 baskets or so in a whole round, you might want to slide (up and down) the option in small increments until you will find the best setting for your machine.
1 (8.27.2007) Many of you have been requesting something decent for those all-night 4,999 jackpot attempts. Hope a few of you score the big one, as it seems it's always maxed out in there. The default game Speed of 50 will hit the spins every time. But 25 Speed is more realistic, and of course 100 is fun to watch (but will most likely cause a java overlapping effect and eventually stall your game). Nothing much more to say here, just filling more requests and making sure the world has the best autos.
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