Spacey version 4
(Space Hunt)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, navigate to Space Hunt's opening front page and STOP. Now start my Spacey and hover your mouse on the aqua Play button at the bottom of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing the game over and over. Be sure to keep your mouse in that score/timer box on the right side of your screen at all times to help avoid sticking.
Torch or Google Chrome only:  Since Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer could have altered graphics and are much slower in processing these Flash-embedded games, please use the Torch or Chrome web browser instead. If things change, I will be happy to include these other three... but this is just not the case right now. If any other browser works for you, consider it a bonus.

4 (9.4.2016) I installed a new Quit Seconds option to help with any similar Finish a game with a score between 10,000 and 20,000 points challenges. In this example, using 95 speed on my machine, I would suggest sliding the option to 40 seconds or so to keep the ending scores as close to 15,000 as possible. If you are using a different speed or your computer/browser is faster or slower, adjust the slide bar accordingly to fit your needs. The games fluctuate quite a bit, but this option will certainly help.
3 (4.27.2016) A few of you have a moved game summary Play Again button. This version should take care of both places. I also installed my famous Flash Refresh option. Simply choose the number of games that you wish to play before sending the F5 key to your browser. Rule #1: you can't be in the game site's fake popup window mode (My Account, enter your password, the Security tab on the left panel, scroll all the way down and uncheck the pop-up box there). Rule #2: you can't choose your own room (instead, click the yellow Start Game button at the initial room selection screen). Otherwise, the refresh option may not function properly. And further, I added an automatic internal 10-second timeout refresh in case the game stalls besides.
2 (7.25.2015) Thwarted those Got awful your session has timed out popup windows, no longer forcing us to refresh the browser (which reloaded the game incorrectly most of the damn time). You may want to manually refresh yourself after a while to keep the flash faster and smooth.
1 (7.14.2015) This is auto #119. Other than the fact that it kicks major space hunting ass, there's not really much else to say about it. Read the above tip so you know where to put your mouse to get started... and where to keep it during the game at all times. Potential high scores of close to 200,000. Gonna wait to get some feedback before possibly attempting a faster rank idea I have. But for now, especially for upcoming challenges, the auto will first click away any special tiles before making any planet matches. In order: UFOs, Stars, then Rockets. If you find any stalls, do let me know what Spacey says in its window and grab a snapshot real quick with the Picture option? Remember, this is just the first version.
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