Spidey version 20 (Rainy Day Spider Solitaire)
Hover your mouse:  After you start the auto, simply hover your mouse on the upper dark strip of your game. Once Spidey starts playing for you, I recommend keeping your mouse over your rank or score at all times to keep the cards from sticking. Make sure your browser window is centered on your desktop and not cropped or chopped off the sides of your monitor. These three web browsers are currently supported: Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Hover your mouse
20 (12.1.2018) Some were still having sticky card issues. This version has a fix that will click the game when it happens, which unhighlights the card and everything moves on. But continue to keep your mouse over your score (where it happens less).
19 (4.3.2016) The game summary popup Play Again screen was moved for some people.
18 (1.15.2013) If you watch real close, you can see your entire game nudge north when the game summary screen appears. After you click Play Again, it seats itself back down where it was. This was throwing off the upper-left corner of your game.
17 (11.25.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
16 (8.29.2012) The Play Again button was moved one pixel south. Thanks for letting me know, Joe.
15 (4.25.2012) Yesterday's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button.
14 (3.19.2012) There's now a brand new Play Again screen at the end of every game, which stalled the auto.
13 (6.9.2011) As usual, some idiot decided to change the Play Again button and opening splash screen. Thanks for letting me know, Mary.
12 (4.13.2011) The new FF4 was having a hard time finding your game window. Please start the auto and move your mouse over that upper dark strip to get Spidey rolling. After, keep your mouse down in the game over your score or rank to avoid getting the cards stuck. Because of today's update, this auto now works inside Facebook as well, except for those annoying pop-ups.
11 (3.9.2011) Rainy Day was converted from java into flash. And in doing so, they created a sticky cards situation. The easy fix is to keep your mouse on the game window over your score or rank (down at the bottom) and you will avoid this issue. I had to remove Doubly because of the flash change. Also, make sure you open your game in a normal pop-up window. Do not have your browser in a huge, stretched, tabbed mode or Spidey won't be able to find your game window's correct size. It's possible they lowered the difficulty somewhat, as I don't remember the auto winning so many games on Hard. Thanks for making me aware of the flash change, Deb.
10 (2.24.2011) The difficulty showing down in the black strip was pushed over to the middle. Easy fix.
9 (9.21.2010) This morning, they added a new splash screen at the end of every game with a new Play Again button. Thanks for letting me know about it, Kathy. I also made the game ready for Facebook, since it appears to be coming soon.
8 (8.19.2010) Thanks to the wonderful suggestion by my good friend Joe, we have a new Use free cells option installed. There is an old Trapeze Net badge from the Cirque du Solitaire Album that required Win games without using 10 Bonus Free Cells in 3 weeks! and a Super Spider badge (future Time Machine album) that requires Win 15 games with at least one unused free cell in 3 weeks! This option is enabled by default, so when the time comes and you need to ignore those free cells, just uncheck it! Big thanks, Joe!
7 (4.23.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course. This auto should also play the game inside your Facebook window as well (when it arrives), if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. If you are having any issues, Firefox might be the better browser choice.
6 (3.29.2009) They reverted back, so I fixed the non-club Blocked rooms again.

5 (11.28.2008) Fixed non-club Blocked rooms and Unknown difficulty error messages.

4 (9.8.2007) No changes made. There was a false virus reported by Avast. The fake infection magically vanished after I re-created this identical updated .exe version. I apologize for their annoyance.

3 (5.22.2007) Spidey will now get you the Hard level Mix-n-Match badge! Two new options added: (1) Depth – this setting determines how many best future moves Spidey will look for at once (how deep it will think internally to find the maximum outcome for your current layout). For example, the default 12 will look for the next 12 moves, remembering them as being the best ones, and then play them. WANT A SMARTER AUTO? Then increase the depth and lower the game speed. Game speed is important because it is “think time” so the faster you have it playing, the less time it has to think, which lessens the intelligence of the best moves it can find. Recommended setting for smarter play is 50 speed. Speed of 75 or even up to 90 is not a bad thing, but slower = smarter. If you do not experience 80% wins, slow down the game speed and increase depth. (2) New Game – using this option will allow you to get out of games that are not playing well. Spidey will click the new game button based on a percentage you set. For example, if you put it all the way to 100 the auto will have to maintain a 20% game completion rate when ready to hit the first draw pile at the bottom and 40% for the second stack. Therefore, if the auto got to the first draw pile and it was doing worse than the 20% allotted percentage it would click new game and start a fresh one. This saves from having wasted time on an already dying game. If you use this option wisely, it can also help adjust your win-loss ratio in your stats. If you see the auto is quitting too soon on a game that appears to still have a good chance, you would then slide it down a little. For example, sliding the New Game option down to 50 would only require that the auto maintained a 10% completion for the first stack instead, which is a little easier for keeping games alive (that are doing well). The default setting is 0 (off) so you must change this option to put it to use. And hey, I just wanted to let you know that this one is fun to watch, especially if you use the built-in Doubly feature and flip two accounts at once. It's neat to see both browsers ending their games at the same time, with the Vroom... Vroom... Vroom... of sets finishing on your screen like fireworks!

2 (3.6.2007) Fixed the final score screen's Play Again button that was changed today. Threw it in the newer shell while I was in there so it auto-downloads the latest version, Doubly fixed, etc. Nothing major here... just drying up some pointless rain.
1 (2.3.2006) Here it is, the one that many of you have been requesting. I included an option for the bonus 11th row to get the much sought after premium badge. The speed on this (if your computer can hang) is incredible. I would suggest running Spidey on Easy difficulty if you are going for higher rank since the lightning speed makes up for the percentage difference. If this auto appears to stick, misread the screen or not award all of the tokens, just slow it down a bit. Like usual, let me know if there's any problems.
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