Sweety version 31 (Sweet Tooth™ 2)

Hover your mouse:  After you start the auto, simply hover your mouse on the upper dark strip of your game. Make sure your browser window is centered on your desktop and not cropped or chopped off the sides of your monitor. Please keep the mouse inside your game at all times (in a safe spot) to avoid sticking/ghosting. Hover your mouse
Still have old graphics?  For some reason, maybe 5% of you are still loading the old smudgy graphics. Take a look at the picture below (and click it for a much larger version). See the crisper 3-d new stuff on the left? And the older grainy stuff on the right? If you have the second set of fuzzy blurred graphics on the right, the game site has not upgraded your game quite yet... and nobody knows why. I was able to pump out a side version for you guys (Sweety31a). There have been quite a few people that reported one of the other browsers loaded the new graphics (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, especially Opera or Torch). It has been narrowed down to be machine-specific. Not country regional, not internet-ip address, not even account related. There are people that can load the game with Chrome and have old graphics, then open Opera and have the new stuff using the same computer and account. Others can waltz ten steps across the room to use a laptop over there and have the new graphics. The game site has been made aware and either do not reply or give cheap excuses, such as blaming Chrome for not updating themselves... completely unwilling to take responsibility. Yeah, I guess Microsoft and Mozilla need to "update themselves" as well, because these same people are loading the old graphics on those browsers too. A third complaint was a phone callback (in which she got absolutely nowhere), with children laughing/playing in the background, pots and pans clanging. She thought she was about to hear "Honey... supper's ready in five!"

31/31a (7.23.2017) Added a No "5 Match" = Quit check mark option. Enable it and the auto will keep clicking New Game until it finds a 5-match. This will speed up those challenges requiring us to create 5-matches (one every 37 seconds). I suppose Skill Level 5 is your best friend since it has the most candy squares. And you might want to use Sweety's Flash Refresh option. Constantly starting fresh games makes their flash gets real sluggish after a while.
30/30a (3.3.2016) Some of you have a 3-pixel north-moved game summary Play Again button screen. This auto should cover all of them until the next time. Cuz that's what I DO... I cover ya til next time. :)
29/29a (2.9.2016) Found a bunch of bad candy stragglers, as predicted. Most were the locked heart candies. Thanks to everyone that participated. While I was in there, I installed a Round 1 only check box option. When enabled, it will do exactly that: play only round 1. This should help speed up your rank progress since the first round is much easier/quicker to finish than the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Nice suggestion, Ed.
28/28a (2.3.2016) The Valentine's theme brought some broken candy with it. While I was in there, I installed a much-needed Flash Refresh slide bar option. The game gets so laggy (ever since it was changed to Flash), we can't even get 10 smooth minutes off like before. The refresh is the weaker F5 keystroke, so feel free to slide bar your game inside the browser and it will remember where it was just fine. Also, if using this new Flash Refresh, you can't be in the game site's fake popup window mode. Go to My Account at the top of your screen, type in your password, then the Security tab on the left panel, scroll the window all the way down to the bottom and uncheck that popup mode box. Embedded games need to stay that way... rather than in a fake popup window. Listen, if you find any more broken candy (especially in skill level 5), quickly take a snapshot before your timer depletes. And make sure you let me know which piece the auto said was stalling, of course.
27/27a (12.6.2015) Another requested wish has been granted. Since the game still gives credit for anything accomplished after quitting early with their New Game button, why not take advantage? At least in the power ups department. Simply check mark whichever Force power up option you are working on and the auto will keep hitting New Game until one is found. At that point, it should spend it immediately and quit. This cycle will repeat itself until the deed is done. Use 36 'remove all candy of one color' power-ups, sure! Just enable the Color lightning option. Use 130 power-ups, sure! Choose Any power up instead. All covered and at your fingertips: Use 100 3x3 power-ups, Use the 'horizontal row candy remover' power-up 95 times, Use 28 'random candy remover' power-ups. This convenient option now makes short work of these challenges and is yet another classic example of what makes Queen Annabelle simply the best.
26 (4.26.2015) Again, just last week, there were more graphics changes... mostly to a lot of the candy. But it still was a pain in the ass because all 97 pieces needed to be verified as changed or not, and it had to be done twice because there are two versions of this auto (26 and 26a) covering completely separate graphics, as stated in the above tip. Sweety should now immediately tell you if you are using the wrong version, so that should help a bit. Also, while I was in there, I filled an old request by installing a new Immediate power ups check mark option. When enabled, all power ups will be spent immediately (rather than requiring the removal of caramel squares). This will slightly help those "Use 1 billion power-ups in 60 seconds!" challenges for ya.
25 (3.29.2015) The game received completely-overhauled graphics. All 97 candy pieces, the background, jackpot spin lights, popup windows, you name it. Worse? There are two sets of different graphics. If your machine has been loading the old graphics for other games (Tri-Peaks, Hog Heaven, Mahjong Garden, Safari, Whomp, etc.), then you'll probably need to use the side version available in the tip at the top of this page.
24 (2.19.2015) Thanks for letting me know the Valentine's theme was removed, James. We are all now back to normal until next year.
23 (2.10.2015) Obviously, the person in charge of this year's V-day theme screwed it up so bad... they had to come back through last night and fix everything. The jackpot lights are back where they belong, the red Heart candies are now uniform and exactly the same color as they used to be, and your score is back in its score box correctly.
22 (2.2.2015) Valentine's is back. But this year, they made some adjustments. Unfortunately, this means the old Valentine's code didn't pan out and needed some work. The jackpot lights were moved, the red Heart candies are completely different and randomly placed inside the square (unlike all other uniform candy pieces)... even your score is grossly pushed south (not where it's supposed to be).
21 (2.27.2013) After removing the Valentine's theme, they changed some graphics down in the green jackpot spin lights. The auto couldn't read some of the levels. Thanks for letting me know, James.
20 (2.1.2013) The new Valentine's theme caused a Unknown 1,1 stall. This time, hopefully, we won't need to switch back after the holiday because I think I have the auto recognizing either theme. Time will tell.
19 (1.15.2013) If you watch real close, you can see your entire game nudge north when the game summary screen appears. After you click Play Again, it seats itself back down where it was. This was throwing off the upper-left corner of your game.
18 (12.11.2012) Both game modes updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
17 (8.7.2012) The game summary screen was moved 1 pixel south, stalling the auto.
16 (4.25.2012) Yesterday's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button.
15 (2.28.2012) There's now a new score summary screen with a different Play Again button.
14 (2.15.2012) Valentine's Day theme was removed, stalling the auto again. Back to normal.
13 (1.25.2012) Caramel mode seems to have received some kind of weird Valentine's Day theme. In doing so, they altered the little green jackpot spin lights down at the bottom left... and that's what Sweety reads to know which board you're currently playing. Fixed that stall, as well as the new opening How to Play screen's Start Game button. If they remove this new theme after the holiday, another update might be necessary. Thanks for letting me know, Jeff.
12 (3.8.2011) They moved the Skill Level down in that black bar. Auto couldn't find it. Easy fix.
11 (2.9.2011) I changed the way Sweety reads your game window. Just put your mouse in that dark grey strip at the top of your game and the auto should take off. Also note: You must open your game in a normal pop-up window (not tabbed mode) and do not resize or stretch your browser. You should have no yellow background-border whatsoever or the auto will not be able to proceed. Sweety should now work inside Facebook because of this change.
10 (12.18.2010) The game was converted from java into flash. This means no more Doubly or playing inside Facebook until I figure out a solution. Also, you must have your game open in a pop-up window rather than in a tab. For most of us, this is already the default in Firefox and Google Chrome. But if you are using Internet Explorer's tabbed mode, simply go to your Control Panel, Internet Options, the Settings button down in the Tabs section, and enable the Always open pop-ups in a new window radio button. A few of the candy pieces were changed, some of the buttons and there's a small error in their game that required a couple tweaks. But otherwise, Sweety is back and is actually a little smarter since the lightning bolts are now firing a lot smoother than back in the java version. Definitely one of the most intelligent autos I have ever written in my life.
9 (8.30.2010) This auto now plays the game inside your Facebook window as well, if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. If you are having any issues, Firefox might be the better browser choice.
8 (8.1.2010) They changed all of the candy pieces, the intermission and end of game areas, even the location of the little jackpot spin lights that show your current round. Except for the intel, I basically had to re-do the entire auto. I found this a good time to remove Classic mode from Crappy and install it here inside Sweety instead (where it belongs). Therefore, yes, this update now plays both Caramel and Classic modes!
7 (2.9.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course.
6 (5.1.2009) Easter candy is gone, back to the old candy. Thanks for letting me know it happened today, Ken and Rose.
5 (4.7.2009) Changed to Easter theme. And for tomorrow's Wild challenge, I also included intel to go after Wilds (and create them by prioritizing any 5+ match on your board).
4 (3.27.2009) Fixed the non-club Blocked rooms.
3 (3.25.2008) Old candy's back... and so is Sweety.
2 (3.13.2008) Easter theme, changed graphics, new candy. And hey, I threw in that Powerup new intel while I was in there. Version 1 spent them immediately. This version waits until the Powerup yields caramel. Very neat to see a >horizontal< Powerup wait and finally slide to your last caramel's row, with the auto knowing it's now time to use it for the win. Or when you have one blue candy (caramel) remaining buried on your board, Sweety waits for your lightning bolt to change to blue, and zaps that final piece away. It misfires some of them once in a while, though... lol. But zaps most of the needed colors correctly. See you in two weeks for another update (when they back out of Easter mode).
1 (11.6.2007) This auto works in Caramel mode only and is one smart little sweetheart. Use Crappy if you need to play in Classic mode (the crappier version of the game). Here's how it all works... Every swap made is the maximized intelligence on your current board. Sweety checks every single possible swap move and verifies them as legal moves. Then, it pops them away internally, sliding the rest of the known candy pieces to where they would fall. And the entire time, the auto is counting the total pieces removed as well as the total number of caramels that swap yields. Once the scan has completed, the most number of caramels is the chosen winner. If there's a tie, the most number of removed candy is selected. Note: the Chocolate Coins are always prioritized and guaranteed. But wait, that's not all. When the board is mostly finished and there are only a few straggler caramels remaining, you will watch one last intelligence priority. Sweety goes after the closest distance to every move's nearest caramel, which creates a perfect magnet effect. This allows pieces to change very close to your final caramels, dancing all around that hot spot, and makes your games finish much quicker. Don't forget you can always slow down any of my autos a little more by using the Snoozy feature. And of course, the Control key on your keyboard pauses the auto. The Powerups are currently used immediately, but I may try something neat today for a possible version 2. Since the auto is a little too smart already, I am not making this a top priority. I recommend that you do not jack this one to 100 speed, but rather keep it more realistic using a lower setting. I think you will agree, it is not possible to find a smarter or faster auto for Sweet Tooth™ 2. My Sweety is so maximized, it's extremely difficult to find "the next move" before the auto plays it for you. But it's fun to try, and definitely fun to watch the explosive combos!
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