Turby version 25
(Turbo 21 HD)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, start a fresh game (where you can see your first Draw Card) and STOP. Now start my Turby and hover your mouse on the Bonus Timer circle at the top of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing the cards for you. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

25 (4.15.2019) The New Round pop-up window with Play button was moved.
24 (4.24.2018) The yellow Continue Game button was moved after this morning's maintenance.
23 (3.12.2018) Converted to the new Html5 version of the game. If your Hit buttons lock up or your computer/browser lags to the point where the cards are being stuck/spit too fast and busting, simply lower the auto's Speed option. The problem should go away... as not everyone's configuration qualifies for top 100 speed. The old Maximum 21's option was removed because there are no longer any jackpot spins and we actually prefer bonus rounds, now that 21s are counted in there. The Bonus speed option was killed since I can just use your regular Speed option instead. And I had to force a subsiding pause after each 21 and bust (the animations were causing misreads in the lane cards and bad plays afterward), so the Animation delay option is pointless/gone. All other options still exist and kick ass: Count Cards, 5-Card Gimmies, Blackjacks, Lucky 7s. This update was specifically coded/tested in Google Chrome on multiple machines. If you are having issues, try every other web browser you have available.
22 (5.3.2014) Installed a new Blackjacks option for those "Get 200 Blackjacks this week" challenges. When enabled, the auto will use the first three lanes to ensure all Blackjacks are created... discarding everything else in the 4th trash lane. Thanks for the request, Richard.
21 (5.17.2013) Another stall on the game summary Play Again screen. They had moved/hidden the game side 1,000 pixels south, underneath your monitor... but now put it back. Thanks for letting me know, James.
20 (12.13.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
19 (7.13.2012) It seems the non-club Play Again button is not centered very well. Thanks for making sure I knew about it, Greg!
18 (4.25.2012) Yesterday's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button.
17 (2.28.2012) There's now a new score summary screen with a different Play Again button.
16 (1.31.2012) The game is now part of the long, browser-embedded future, rather than the older pop-up window style. Easy fix. Also works in Facebook.
15 (12.20.2011) For some unknown reason, they scrambled up the title bar of the game and Turby couldn't find it. Now the auto looks for either style.
14 (12.3.2011) Some of you were hiding the details at the end of the game. This brought a different Play button. Thanks, Sweet.
13 (7.13.2010) They moved the Play Again button during maintenance 3 hours ago. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Mike and Kite.
12 (4.1.2010) This auto now plays the game inside your Facebook window as well, if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. If you are having any issues, Firefox might be the better browser choice.
11 (2.10.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course.
10 (3.27.2009) They reverted back, so I fixed the non-club Blocked rooms again.
9 (11.29.2008) Fixed non-club Blocked rooms.
8 (11.23.2007) Since next week's challenge needs a bunch of 5-Card Gimmies, I decided to whip this one out and make it a little easier. Rather than each of you folks wasting an hour or so on badge day, waiting for the auto to accidentally/finally get it done, I figured that I would eat that same hour myself instead this time. If you enable this new 5-Card Gimmie's option, Turby will use the first three rows for 5-Card Gimmie collection only... and average about 4 Gimmies per game! And the last row is used to bust all cards that value more than 7, since they are worthless for this purpose. Now, all of you will be enjoying your badge in 2 minutes instead!
7 (9.8.2007) No changes made. There was a false virus reported by Avast. The fake infection magically vanished after I re-created this identical updated .exe version. I apologize for their annoyance.
6 (3.6.2007) Four Ok buttons fixed after today's changes.
5 (11.15.2006) A lucky 7 is a 21 made of 3 7's in a row. Today, I installed a Lucky 7's option that will place all 7's it encounters into the first row only. If you have an album challenge needing 7 "lucky 7's" completed in 30 minutes, this should have it done in just under four. Another filled request.
4 (8.22.2006) They moved a few things around, nothing major.
3 (7.14.2006) Oops, forgot about the non-club game rooms.
2 (7.11.2006) Sorry for the book written below. Guess I caught my breath, huh? If you don't have time to read this entire page, I can sum it all in one sentence: "Turby is just a real piece of art, really."
Here are the 4 main options described in depth:
  • I discovered a main intelligence that uses natural prioritization (finding a row that matches 21, making 11's). Afterwards, I attempted to involve card counting so Turby could recognize its future early and set up some moves. It was a great idea but they fought each other. My solution is to offer both in the form of one slidebar option rather than forcing everyone to play using just one concept. This convenience allows you to find the perfect combination from either or both intels when you are out there in the lanes. 0 = only normal decisions by priority (intel-1), 100 = only count cards and set up the future (intel-2), or pick somewhere comfortable in the middle. Where is best? I kept mine around 35 to 40 during testing, but dropped the default lower to 25 after hearing a few trusted reports. I would even go a bit lower after watching a spectacular 10-minute performance earlier on a super low setting of 5 (counting cards only 5% of the time). Remember, I installed these options (as an available luxury) so everyone can actually have a choice, allowing each individual to discern what they have discovered through testing. Open an option, read the quick description listed there (or right here on this information page) and tweak it. Email me your discovery.
  • The second option is simple: "Bonus speed" - the faster you set it the faster you will rack up more 21's in the bonus round only. I would keep it more like a human and slow it down, especially since the logged 21's are not even counting there yet towards your rank (at the time of this writing). This option is completely separate from the other Speed that you always find in my software titles. The Game Speed controls overall performance and clicking speeds merged together, such as Turby clicking each card into the rows or buttons that may appear. If you want to adjust the time that remains after finishing off each deck of cards, adjust the universal Game Speed instead since this Bonus option handles only the Bonus game.
  • You can thank Debi for today's immediate version 2. Maximum 21's came as a new option in the update since she was kind enough to let me know of a faster rank opportunity. The idea is to avoid the pointless bonus game since it does not count those 21's in your progress. Your rank needs kazillions of 21's accomplished, yet thirteen 21's keeps forcing you to participate in all of those annoying delays, automobile animations, pauses for absolutely nothing, and don't forget the 30-second waste of the bonus game itself! My solution keeps the games short and sweet by clicking the New Game button after you have achieved a certain amount of 21's. Since Turby already remembers how many 21's it's made for you during a game, you can easily let the auto know how many is "good enough" using this third "Maximum 21's" option. Since virtually all delays are skipped and each game restarts instantly, this option creates an extremely fast avenue of 21 wealth that is zooming everyone through the ranks at high speeds. Reports are suggesting to set this option between 7 and 11, with your Game Speed as high as your computer can hang properly. And further, many involved are also enabling the next Animation option for extra protection during this fast rank process. Don't forget that the win-loss percentage showing in your profile's stats will obviously be affected somewhat. So if you are not interested in advancing in rank as quickly as described here, keep the option off by sliding the bar all the way to the left (0). I haven't thoroughly tested this area quite yet, but personally witnessed almost 400 21's logged in just 7 minutes (yes, almost 1 per second). However, a second test performed slower at only 1.5 seconds per 21 instead, so always play with any given options.
  • Option 4: Animation delay. Check the box for an extra pause during certain animations. It simply allows the graphics to subside a little further and helps prevent misreading of the cards or other various undersirables. If Turby is not performing to your liking, this helpful hand can really make a difference depending on the timing of these animations with your Game Speed. On that note, if you feel the auto is acting too dumb, the best advice is to slow it down... even all the way to the slowest zero speed for a quick test. Then slowly work the Game Speed higher so it suits your computer and java without interruption. And as with all autos, I recommend that you mimic humanlike playing times. So time yourself real quick and set the auto to play around the same speed it takes you to do it manually. You can't go wrong with that. I would also highly suggest checking that Animation option for even more assurance. And remember that not every deck is capable of yielding +1000 games, of course.
In closing, Turby destroys any competition in just about every way. After just a few minutes, I shook my head in disbelief today as I watched that other one's entire lifespan allow only 3 or 4 weak attempts on a deck. Its poor 21 average had finally cleared a jackpot spin and barely made it to the opening gate of a bonus game, when the tiny shareware period they allow expired as quickly as it had began. Here at BadgeWinners, everyone enjoys well over an hour of free software testing so you know exactly what your money is purchasing and for certain. It's nice to still have plenty of shareware time remaining when the bonus rounds roll by each time, don't ya agree? And you also have the ability to include/test multiple intelligence routines. Counting cards can really pay off in the final stretch, pulling off those +1000 wins like you have never seen. But the auto is even smarter than that! You could cut your time in half by playing two accounts at the same time using only my single Turby. Since this is the fastest Turbo 21™ auto you will find, it's currently capable of close to 30,000 tokens per hour with others still reporting better averages. The auto even includes a special area designed strictly to concentrate on completing your rank progress with an incredible (21's per second) rate that saves you time. Intelligence, speed, options, built-in features, the choice is clear.
1 (7.11.2006) Quick release. Based on the anticipation and numerous times that the Turbo 21™ update never appeared, I had actually gone ahead and written the older Turbo just from sheer boredom and constant mindsets. With the auto basically written and only needing a few graphic/location changes, I am considering jumpstarting Gin and Pool for similar results. Thanks for everyone's overwhelming response today. Will write details here when I catch my breath.
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