Whompy version 47
(Word Whomp™ HD)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, start a fresh game so you can see a fresh set of six scrambled letters and STOP. Now start my Whompy and hover the mouse on your rank at the top right corner of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start spelling words for you. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

47 (6.18.2019) After this morning's maintenance, it appears they changed the background somewhat (even though it looks exactly the same to me). The auto should find your game again with this version.
46 (6.4.2019) Word Whomp™ Whackdown was removed from the game site.
46 (3.4.2019) Regular Whomp's six letters were pushed north 5 pixels (now off-centered) in some browsers (but not Torch), causing the auto to spell incorrect words.
45 (9.18.2018) Regular Whomp was changed from Flash to Html5. The same options still exist and work fine: Word length, Keystrokes (blink of an eye, hilarious, great for rank), Percent of words. The previous "side A" file is no longer needed or available. And we now hover our mice on your rank at the upper-right corner of the game to get started (and keep it up there safely out of the way).
44/44a (11.2.2017) Regular Whomp's 5-letter only option was stalling when a puzzle was found that actually had no 5-letter words to begin with. The auto didn't know what to do. It now says "No words!" and quits out for the next set. While I was in there, I included a new super-fast Keystrokes option that uses your keyboard to type the words instead of clicking your mouse. Insanely faster if your Flash can hang. Lower my Speed option if it can't. Also only for regular Whomp since it didn't make much of a difference in Whackdown. If you are gonna use this option, remember that the Control key on your keyboard conveniently pauses the auto!
43/43a (7.5.2016) I installed a new Word length slide bar option for regular Whomp only. You can choose to play only the 3-letter words, 4-letter, 5 or 6. The auto will ignore all of the other different-lengthed words and hit New Game when it's finished. If you want to play normal, just keep the slide bar at its default setting (all the way left). As you know, there are tons of challenges out there that this new option will be very useful. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary.
42/42a (4.3.2016) Easter is gone. Thanks again, Leo. You must play Whackdown a lot, my dear friend.
41/41a (3.14.2016) Whackdown received its annual Easter theme. Thanks, Leo.
40/40a (3.3.2016) In regular Whomp, some of you have a game summary Play Again screen pushed north 3 pixels. Hopefully, this version will cover all of us.
39b (5.12.2015) For old graphics people only (using the side file in the above tip), regular Whomp was acting weird when trying to quit the round early with my Percent of words option. Their New Game button is kinda moody/sticky, so I now give it a double-click instead. The band-aid seems to have done the trick.
39 (4.16.2015) The Easter theme is gone from Whackdown. Updated both the latest graphics people (regular version 39) and the old graphics people (now 39a up there in the tip). Thanks, Dee.
38 (3.19.2015) Whackdown received its annual Easter theme. Had to update both the latest graphics people (regular version 38) and the old graphics people (now 38a up there in the tip). Thanks for letting me know it happened, my dear friend JJ.
37 (2.4.2015) The New Game button in regular Whomp had its font changed, stalling the auto with Wait. This was for the people having the new graphics. Old graphics people were just fine, but now need to use the new 37a file available up there in the tip.
36 (9.18.2014) Regular Whomp got some changes. A few of the buttons were altered and moved. All of the letters were changed. Even the 5th letter slot was shoved south a bit, unlike before. Thanks to everyone who let me know.
35 (4.22.2014) Whackdown lost its Easter theme.
34 (4.3.2014) Whackdown received its Easter theme.
33 (4.1.2014) In less than 24 hours, they fixed their gross PlayAgain mistakes and we're back. Yay, that was fun.
32 (4.1.2014) Regular Whomp had some things moved around at the game summary popup screen, which stalled the auto.
31 (7.30.2013) And... we're now back to the non-anniversary theme in regular Whomp. Yay, that was fun!
30 (7.2.2013) Regular Whomp got the 10-year anniversary theme, which caused an Unknown letter stall. Thanks for letting me know, Janet.
29 (4.11.2013) Back to the old version, after Whackdown's Easter theme was removed. Thanks for letting me know, Leo.
28 (3.19.2013) Whackdown got a new Easter theme, which pretty much destroyed the place. Let me know when the theme is removed and we'll go back to the old version. Thanks to everyone for letting me know about today's change.
27 (1.15.2013) In regular Whomp (if you watch real close), you can see your entire game nudge north when the game summary screen appears. After you click Play Again, it seats itself back down where it was. This was throwing off the upper-left corner of your game.
26 (12.14.2012) Both updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
25 (8.3.2012) Some of you still have the old unchanged game summary screen. This version covers both. Sorry for the continuous updates, just want everyone to be happy.
24 (8.2.2012) In Whomp, the game summary screen was moved south 1 pixel, stalling the auto.
23 (4.24.2012) This morning's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button in regular Whomp.
22 (4.10.2012) Brand new Continue button immediately after the jackpot spin, right before the Play Again screen. Thanks for letting me know about it, Cowboy.
21 (2.28.2012) There's now a new score summary screen with a different Play Again button.
20 (6.21.2011) After this morning's maintenance, they moved regular Whomp's Play Again button one pixel to the right. It looks so much better over there, don'tcha think?
19 (4.23.2011) The new Firefox4 was having trouble finding your Word Whomp™ game, so I had to adjust some things. From now on (for regular Whomp), hover your mouse on the upper dark strip. If you want to play Whackdown, put your mouse on your score or timer inside the game. Whompy should now also play Word Whomp™ in Facebook. By the way, since the letters like to get stuck sometimes, I highly recommend keeping your mouse over your timer or score at all times (once the auto has started clicking/playing for you). It helps keep things running smooth when you have your mouse inside your game window. I also had to remove last version's keystokes because too many people were complaining about it. Worked for most, but not all... so it had to go. Tried to make it an option, but it wasn't worth the trouble. Further, I took out the Chat option for the same reason.
18 (3.11.2011) And... Whomp's back to Flash again. Seems pretty stable so I am sure it will stick this time. Make sure you open your games in a normal pop-up window, rather than being in tabbed mode or stretching yourself into a huge browser window. I had to remove Doubly because of the Flash change, however, I think you are gonna like this update. I decided to switch to sending keyboard strokes instead of clicking the mouse on the appropriate letters, therefore I don't recommend using Whompy's Chat option. It might accidentally send all those keystrokes (words) into your chat window and 5 million Please stop talking so quickly popup windows may appear. 100 speed is extremely quick now, blink of an eye. Whackdown is still sending mouse clicks to input the words, but not on 100 speed. I changed it to send keystrokes over there as well... but only on 100 speed.
17 (11.16.2010) Their overnight Whomp maintenance brought the new gifting feature over on the chat side. This pushed the chat box north a tad and caused my Chat option to misfire. Thanks for making me aware, Sharon.
16 (10.24.2010) They changed the window size in Whackdown. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Pam and Louis.
15 (10.15.2010) Round and around we go... when will they stop? Nobody knows. Yep, they put regular Whomp back to java. Make up your mind already! This version 15 update is an exact replica of v12 down there. So at this point, everyone just pretend that their flash change (a week ago) never existed. We'll see what tomorrow brings. If they change back to flash again, so will we.
14 (10.14.2010) A lot of you were having serious flash issues with the Yes button locking up your game. Not sure if this update will help, but I have installed a new check box option for Extra pauses in regular Whomp. Maybe it will help slow things down and smooth things up. Basically, this option will pause between each submitted letter and right before submitting each word. Further, I have included additional pausing before clicking Play Again and New Game to let the flash breathe a little. If your flash is still locking up the game, try running Whompy on super slow game speed (zero) to see if it helps.
13 (10.9.2010) I highly recommend using the Google Chrome web browser in regular Whomp, since the game has now switched from java into flash. This is why v12 was giving a Not found error. Unfortunately, with flash comes jerky choppy lockups, so I also recommend keeping your speed at 60 or lower (unless your computer can handle it). I also had to remove the Doubly feature because you now need to hover your mouse over the game window. Please note that the game site is taxing your tokens when playing at high speed, claiming you won +895 tokens but only logging 200 or so. If you experience any flash lockups (jackpot spin stuck, Yes button stuck, Play Again stuck) or the auto is missing too many words, simply lower Whompy's game speed -5 until the problem goes away! Also removed is playing regular Whomp in Internet Explorer's tabbed mode because the game window size is being reported incorrectly. Learn how to switch to popups in the Questions section of my web site (Changing out of tab mode) or just use Google Chrome. It's currently the best web browser for flash games, hands down. Everyone's complaining that the game is now jerky, slow and clunky. Sorry about their flash change... it's totally not my fault.
12 (9.12.2010) Somehow they managed an error in the regular Whomp game after the auto clicked the splash screen's Play Again button. The game would break, as it would try to start a new game while still using last round's letters and words. I was able to stick a two second pause right before clicking that button and it seemed to do the trick. I guess we were just clicking that button too fast and it wasn't allowing the game to load the next round in time. Please keep your mouse over your score area on the left side of your game to keep the letters from highlighting/sticking, especially if you are playing at high speeds.
11 (7.13.2010) They moved the Play Again button during maintenance 4 hours ago in regular Whomp. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Goofy and Kathy. Noticed they removed some bad words like bong and rape. Will harvest and find the rest of them for another update asap.
10 (4.7.2010) Game site added ™ to Whackdown's title bar yesterday. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Louise.
9 (4.1.2010) This auto now plays the regular Whomp game inside your Facebook window as well, if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. If you are having any issues, Firefox might be the better browser choice.
8 (2.10.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue in regular Whomp. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course.
7 (3.27.2009) They reverted back, so I fixed the non-club Blocked rooms again.
6 (11.28.2008) Fixed non-club Blocked rooms in Whomp.
5 (1.7.2008) Upgraded auto in latest shell (updates itself now, Doubly stuff, smoother). Also fixed Whomp's broken Yes-No screen when using less words with the Percent of words option. Thanks to the people that took the time to let me know.
4 (9.8.2007) No changes made. There was a false virus reported by Avast. The fake infection magically vanished after I re-created this identical updated .exe version. I apologize for their annoyance.
3 (6.20.2007) They took the TM outta the titlebar. That's why whackdown just died. No biggy. If they put it back, so will I. Mmm kay.
2 (3.28.2007) This Tuesday stopped both from working properly. Easy fixes, both autos should be back on track. Also took care of Doubly while I was in there, and the Control key now pauses Whompy instead of Shift.
0.4 (5.5.2006) Whackdown was added. Just a few very minor adjustments to both libraries is left. Nice to have two games built in one, huh? You can even play two accounts at the same time (2 whomps, 2 whackdowns or 1 of each) with just this single powerful treasure. If your whompy stuff is already covered, I am sorry to inform you that you overpaid.
0.3 (5.3.2006) This auto can pick up from any point of any game, and it had to since Doubly required it when flipping between two browsers. Control how often you like your name appearing in any level by simply turning down the "Percent of words" option. Whackdown will be joining Whompy very soon in a final version 1, being yet another fabulous two for the price of one BW auto.
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