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 Dozens are now working again!
Dozens are now working again!
All of the 41 autos currently listed at my Files page should resize your Google Chrome (or Torch) web browser to a standard 848x600 inner child size and find the games automatically, so there's no need to hover the mouse anywhere to get started (as before). I am recovering... and eventually getting as many of these older titles back up and running as quickly as I can, one by one until they're all done. Thanks for your patience!
Obviously, more on the way...

 Gardeny info
"Gardeny" now plays Lumeno!
Since the old Solitaire Gardens flash game was recently erased from the game site, I figured I would revive our Gardeny auto by sticking the new Lumeno html5 game inside instead. It plays a lot like Cooky (with Cookie Connect), where the largest found connection of colorful orbs will be clicked away. This brings tons of high-scoring games, power-ups and flower multipliers... which will eventually bring the final Rank 100 badge.
Lumeno replaced Solitaire Gardens!

 Nopoly info
Mo"Nopoly" Sudoku auto!
Since the old Monopoly™ Classic flash game was recently erased from the game site, I figured I would revive our Nopoly auto by sticking the new Monopoly™ Sudoku html5 game inside instead. In the harder levels, the auto should remember your correct number placements (and quickly replay them after losing your three lives). Rank out, upgrade all property and win every in-game badge with the hundreds of millions you will collect using this most-excellent, enhanced Nopoly auto. Includes a Difficulty option!
Classic replaced with Sudoku!
 Magic Wand Badge
Magic Wand Badge
Make sure you are playing in the New Pogo Experience for this one (with Torch or Chrome). Since they aren't counting the Blue Rose or "M" Rune, there are 12 normal objects in each scene. So you'll need Questy to complete 22 (:30 second) scenes to complete this challenge. Be sure to keep your Speed at 70 or less to avoid their "It is difficult to keep my concentration" nag. Since this is one of the autos I found time to switch to the New Pogo Experience (instead of the old Classic), there is no need to hover your mouse anywhere. The auto should resize your browser window (Torch or Chrome only) to a standard 848x600 and find it conveniently and automatically.
Completion: 11 minutes

 Fresh Hot Coffee Badge
Fresh Hot Coffee Badge
Unfortunately, each long game takes a good 3.5 minutes to complete (on average)... and that's just 4 of the 32 needed rows. So just "set Addicty and forget it". Come back in an half hour or so, for your Fresh Hot Coffee. Once you have navigated yourself inside a fresh game (and can see its 48 cards), start my auto and hover your mouse on the white coffee cup at the top left corner of your window. If you are having trouble connecting with Torch, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially Google Chrome, IE or Win10's Edge).
Completion: 29 minutes

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