Grammy version 2

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, go to the game's opening mode selection screen and STOP. Now start my Grammy and hover your mouse on the grey Challenge Mode button at the bottom of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing the non-timed Check-In Challenge mode's level 1 over and over. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

2 (11.21.2019) Last Tuesday's maintenance brought the Enter key now accidentally pushing us through to level 2. Therefore, I rewrote that area of the code and no longer send keystrokes from the keyboard. I mouse click the letters (and Submit button) instead... to keep us in the first level.
1 (10.30.2019) Registration codes start with the CAPITAL letter B and the number nine (B9). Grammy is replacing the dead Spacey auto... so if you purchased that auto in the past, you own this one! Your registration code (and password) is exactly the same. If you are not sure, just ask me. I have an immaculate transaction history looker-upper that takes me just two seconds. This first version is just a quick cheesy solution to help start on your rank, 3-letter word challenges, scoring points and spelling words. It simply loops the first level in the Check-In Challenge mode (not Timed) and spells "cry", "pry" and "try" over and over... every 11 seconds at top 100 speed. I do have intentions on expanding this auto with other levels so it will also cover 4-letter words, 5-letter, etc. Otherwise, I would have named it Crypty instead. I just wanted to get this version out early so we all have something to use.
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