Gift Certificates
The perfect gift
My autos make a wonderful gift for the online gaming enthusiast. Imagine the badge-addict in your family waking this Christmas morning to find an email from Annabelle Claus, informing them that they have been blessed with 10 or more premium autos of their choice! Or is your sister-in-law one of those "have it all" people and you can never seem to locate that perfect birthday gift every stinkin' year? Give them something they can really use (and actually want) this time. Imagine giving them a gift they will use over and over again, and each time they will think of you. All of this from the comfort of your own home.
Quick and painless
This procedure is extremely simple and convenient for you, the giver. You choose the amount of the gift and the date you want them to be notified. On that day, an email will be sent to the recipient notifying them of your purchase. I will help them locate their registration code(s) and issue the password(s). In addition, you will receive a copy of the email, so you will know that your gift has been sent. As with any purchase, the recipient will receive my award-winning, speedy support. You can rest assured, knowing that your loved ones (and their autos) are in good hands. It will be as if they purchased the programs themselves. There are only three simple items I need from you in order to complete the transaction.
 Gift Box
Important!  If you are purchasing for yourself only, please visit my Registration page instead. The form below is strictly for Gift Certificates only.
 Step 1
Recipient's email address
Step 1. Enter the email address of the person who is to receive your gift. Please double-check this entry for accuracy. If the address is not valid, the delivery of your gift will obviously be delayed. Be sure not to put your contact information in this box, as this will cause the password(s) to be delivered to you instead of the intended recipient. This box is strictly so I know where to send your purchase. Their email address will exist in my records as the owner of the software in the event this information is needed in the future.
 Step 2
Delivery day
Step 2. Indicate when you want me to contact the recipient and initiate the password procedure. This date should be no more than two weeks from today's date. On that date, (usually in the morning) an email will be sent explaining your purchase. This email will also inform them of the number of autos purchased and the procedure to download their programs. They will be instructed how to use the shareware offered with all of my programs. This will give them time to test each program and make sure it works well for them before they select it. Once they have chosen the programs they wish to own, I will send them their passwords and make sure they are able to register them successfully. I will also send an explanation of how to contact me if they ever have a need for tech support.
 Step 3
Select gift amount and submit
Step 3. Use the < > arrows to select the number of titles you wish to send; the price will be automatically adjusted for you. Please note that the 10-pack, 20-pack and full package are available at a large price reduction. Once you have selected the desired amount, click the larger middle button (between the arrows) and you will be sent to the PayPal screen to complete your gift transaction.
Your part is complete; I will take over from here. On the day you specified above, an email will be sent and the process of your loved one receiving your gift will begin. This is most likely the easiest gift you will purchase this year, and without a doubt, it comes with the best guarantee in the business. Also, be assured knowing that a full (or partial) refund will be sent back to you if any major problems arise, or if I cannot get your gift completely installed and registered within 2 weeks. You have nothing to worry about... you're in good hands.
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