If you would like to register any of my products, enter your email address and one registration code into the boxes below. If you wish to purchase more than one title, simply check the box next to those programs as well. Note that the box corresponding with the registration code you entered is automatically checked for you. Next, click the Buy Now button to submit your one-time payment.
 Tip! Tip!  Your registration code is located inside the auto's window itself. Just click Options... and then Register. The number located at the bottom of that box is the code you are looking for. Most of the latest autos' regcodes start with a capital LETTER, so I recommend copy-pasting it rather than typing it yourself manually.
Each software title costs $10. Choose your favorite 10 for only $8 a piece, any 20 at once for $6 each, or receive over 60% off by choosing all 109 titles for only $431. This format will allow you to purchase titles for one machine at a time (email me for special instructions if you wish to purchase for more than one computer). Be sure to download and test all programs prior to making your purchase.
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 Auto of the Month! Auto of the Month!  Each month, you can save $5 off any purchase that includes the current Game of the Month's auto. Look at the top right of my site if you are unsure which one is presently involved this month. Sure... you can buy it alone with a hefty 50% cut or choose to enjoy a further reduction from the already-discounted package pricing instead, making them even cheaper! Either way, the below form should recognize your participation and automatically adjust the price accordingly.
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December Holiday Sale!
Here's a great chance to enjoy a discount on your favorite BadgeWinners autos. From now through New Year's Day, take 20% off your total purchase. Whether it is for yourself, or someone else, don't miss your chance to save big while purchasing the quality programs you know and love. Remember, the gift tab at the top of my web site is a perfect way to give to your friends and loved ones, without having to do any of the work. You know that your gift is sent on time, with the best customer service in the business to walk them through every step. The form below will automatically reduce any purchase appropriately for you. Happy Holidays, from my family to yours...
 Important! Important!  If you are purchasing as a gift for someone else, please visit my Gift Certificates page instead. The form below handles regular purchases for yourself only.

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After you submit your payment, PayPal will email us both a copy of your receipt. I check my emails several times a day and will send your encrypted password immediately. Once you have received your emailed password from me, simply open the software title you purchased and click Options... Register. Copy and paste the password into the box provided there and your software will stay fully functional (registered), with the shareware countdown delay also removed.
 Tip! Tip!  99% of all payments have their passwords delivered automatically within just a few seconds by a password-generating robot. If you are using Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, or any other automatic Junk Mail system, please be sure to add to your contacts list so your password email is not accidentally trashed. And AOL users need to ensure that you don't have the bot's email address ( blocked in your AOL email settings.

Exception:  Due to the increased number of returned checks, I will no longer send out passwords on eChecks until the funds have cleared Paypal. In the future, if you do not want to wait for the check to clear, I recommend using any one of the other funding source options Paypal has to offer. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but as always, a few bad apples spoil it for everyone.
Replacement code policy
Effective June 13, 2007, replacement codes will be issued one time in a six month period. If you require passwords more than once in this time frame, you will be required to either purchase the title(s) again or wait for the remainder of the six months. If (at my discretion) I feel this policy is being abused, I reserve the right to refuse to issue further passwords. This has become necessary due to a few bad apples taking advantage of a good thing. Please understand that my mission is to cater to the honest customer.
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