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 Ballsy info
"Ballsy" Express HD auto!
This Ballsy update is the conversion of Lottso! Express to the new Html5 HD version. I removed all previous options from the auto. Currently capable of all challenges and ranking out, it reaches the third goal (3,500 points) most of the time, fourth goal (7,000) quite a bit, fifth goal (11,000) occasionally... especially with a little lucky assistance from the Mega scratcher's smiley face repeater. Keep your Speed at 80 or less, otherwise bad stuff will happen: the game struggles to stay caught up, ignores legal clicks, balls get wacky.
80 Speed or less is smoothest.

 Cruntry info
Cross "Cruntry" Adventure auto!
This auto is replacing the dead Pyramidy auto, which replaced the dead Snoody, which replaced Quicky. So if you purchased any of those three in the past, you already own this one! Cruntry is very similar to my Vanishy, Grubby and Postcardy autos in just about every way. Very simply put, I will repeat the free Seattle episode over and over. That's it... and should cover just about all of our challenges: complete X episodes, play X scenes, find X objects, score X points, find X "special" objects, play X scenes without using hints, complete X "find the differences" bonus scenes, etc.
Read the Super-fast challenges tip!

 Tumbly info
"Tumbly" Bees HD auto!
Converted to the new Html5 version of the game. A few of the older options were removed, as they weren't really needed. Zero Speed (and Hard difficulty) may be your best friends here, as its super-slow letter-clicking allows the honeycomb to fill with more letters to use. Tumbly doesn't know the Buzz Word's font quite yet, but I didn't want that to slow down this update any further. Maybe something I can pick back up when the rain stops pouring.
10-letter words everywhere!

 Peaky info
Tri-"Peaky" Solitaire HD auto!
Yet another Html5 HD game conversion and auto update. I removed the previous Use wild and quit and Quick loss options, as they were basically worthless... especially since there's no longer a New Game button. But I did add a new Burst check mark option for quickly clicking away the longest visible streak. If Burst at top 100 Speed breaks their game, simply lower my Speed option a tad bit (or just don't even use Burst at all). If you purchased Peaky in the past, this upgrade is 100% free!
Try its new "Burst" option!
 Emergency Cookie Badge
Emergency Cookie Badge
Level 9 is easy to reach and has five customers to serve. Uncheck Cooky's "Replay / TryAgain" option (and "Level 1 instead of 9", obviously), as you'll receive double-served credit if/when the auto loses the round. Once you have opened a fresh level 9 and can see its 7x7 grid of cookies, start my auto and hover the mouse on your remaining moves at the top left corner of your window. If you are having trouble connecting with Torch, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially Chrome, IE or Win10's Edge). In case you didn't know already, this is one of my fabulous "2 for 1" autos since it plays the older Wonderland Memories java game as well!
Completion: 24 minutes

 Baking from Beyond Badge
Baking from Beyond Badge
My apologies. I am still working on my Clairey update for this recent new Claire Hart Classic HD upgrade, devoting all of my available time to this project (and Safary/Classy). The moment it is fully tested and worthy for public consumption, it will be released. I recommend manually playing their first case's first episode (Haunted), since it's non-gem free. You should be finished after three swoops of its five chapters. In case you didn't know already, this is one of my fabulous "2 for 1" autos since it plays the other Secret in the Shadows version as well!
Completion: manually

 Winter Journey Week 3 Badge
Winter Journey Week 3 Badge
Clairey was written to cycle only the first case's (Bitter Revenge) first episode's (Cloud of Suspicion) five chapters over and over, since it's non-gem free. So make sure that their very top Case 1 is selected on the opening screen's left green panel, of course. Just "set it and forget it"... cuz 24 full (4-minute) episodes is a lot! Once you have navigated to their Case/Episode selection screen, start my auto and hover the mouse on the little Gems box at the very top of your game window. If you are having trouble connecting with Torch, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially Chrome, IE or Win10's Edge). In case you didn't know already, this is one of my fabulous "2 for 1" autos since it will soon (again) be playing the other Classic version as well!
Completion: 96 minutes

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Annabelle to the rescue!
I am willing to take one for the team and pump any of the below out for you manually, so slide those bars for my pricing structures. Email and let me know which cleanup job is in your future. Let's get this done and those very difficult badges in your stash already! Likewise, do you still have some old challenges stuck in some ancient albums that are really depressing to see? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen!

Jet Set Solitaire
44 World Class Badges
How many levels still need 3 stars?

Jewel Academy
84 in-game award badges
How many levels ya need 3-starred?

Cookie Connect
89 in-game award badges
3-star how many of its 460 levels?

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