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 Gardeny info
 Solitaire Gardeny!
Solitaire Gardeny!
Call it #125. No one else in the world has 125 superlative autos (playing 162 different games) for the needs of your crazy badge world! Whether you are BadgeHelpless at this point (so sorry, by the way, cough), or if you are a newb prospecting on much better horizons such as the wonderful Annabelle amazon, you are all welcome; you're all welcome to join... what have you been waiting for? 11 years of hardcore wisdom, commitment, the best customer service you could pray for, and you thousands of families are just exemplary. Listen, Gardeny will play their English Garden Part 1's level five over and over, landing tons of cards played and levels completed so far. Read all about it in the auto's web page!
Level 6 plays x2 multipliers!
Harvest seeds for happiness badges!

 Visiony info
This is now the 124th auto from Annabelle's awesome arsenal. To get started properly, you need to hover your mouse on that big yellow letter F in Find-O-vision at the top of the game's opening title screen. I will loop any of the 3 scenes that appear over and over, playing around four games per minute (averaging 25 hidden objects found). Please take a moment to read the Visiony section of my web site for further details.

 Pyramidy info
 Quicky, Snoody... now Pyramidy!
Quicky, Snoody... now Pyramidy!
As spelled out in the Pyramidy section of my web site, if you purchased my Quicky auto since 2007 (for their ancient Quick Shots basketball arcade game shooter), you are covered. But the game went bye-bye, so I was a nice Annabelle and replaced it with the Snoody auto that came out shortly after. Well, that game went bye-bye just now... so you guys/gals now own this new Pyramidy auto instead. I can't promise anything, but I try to keep everyone up with the times. Your old Snoody registration code is the same, hence your password is the same!
 Hide and Seek Badge
Hide and Seek Badge
Be sure to enable my Repeat episode 2 option, so it conveniently loops those four easy levels over and over for you. This should lock in 48 found objects in just over a minute, making this challenge need five quick passes with Lettery in 6 minutes flat. Also, I recommend lowering the auto's speed down to 95 or so... since top 100 speed sometimes causes their flash to overload and lock up the game. Use Torch or Google Chrome only!

 Yahtzius Maximus Badge
Yahtzius Maximus Badge
For starters, make sure you are using the correct auto. Cuppy is for this week's YAHTZEE Party, while Yahtzy is for Dice City Roller and Dicey is for Classic Yahtzy. Unfortunately, each Wild/Fast game takes a whopping 4.5 minutes to complete, so this one's gonna take a while. Further, their game breaks here and there (with missing/hidden dice) so you might need to babysit as much as time permits. Another thing that could help their struggling flash is to lower your auto's speed down to 75 or less, as there will still be plenty of time left on the clock for the auto to finish.

 Hover your mouse Mouse over the images above for
test results and challenge details.

Annabelle to the rescue!
Solitaire Gardens has 12 garden badges during any garden's 60 levels... and this is exactly what I offer to you. Full 3 stars is absolutely ridiculous, based off the magical luck of the cards required and their stingy star counts besides, so I will simply be completing your garden instead.
So which level are you on now?

Match and Merge actually needs all 150 tiresome levels beat, the game completely finished, in order to reach rank 50 and own all five of its current rank badges.
On which level are you stuck?

Tumble Tiles is a little different, with only 30 ranks and three rank badges. All 138 torturous levels must be knocked out with the maximum of three stars to obtain that highly-coveted final Rank 30 Badge.
How many 3-star levels ya need?

I am willing to take one for the team and pump these out for you manually, so slide those bars above for my pricing structures. Email and let me know which cleanup job is in your future. Let's get this done and those very difficult badges in your stash already! Likewise, do you still have some old challenges stuck in some ancient albums that are really depressing to see? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen!
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