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 Clairey info
"Clairey" Hart Classic auto!
Since their original Claire Hart: Soul Searcher flash game has been upgraded to Html5 HD (now Claire Hart Classic), Clairey has also been updated accordingly. Just like before, the auto loops only the free, non-gem Case 1's Episode 1's (Haunted) five scenes over and over very quickly... since all of the hidden object fonts and locations are known and built inside. At top 100 Speed, each episode finishes every jaw-dropping 90 seconds and credits: 60 objects found (without the use of hints), 5 scenes, 40 combo x5's, 25 level stars and a perfect 35,000 score!
Yep, still a fabulous "2 in 1" auto!

 Royally info
"Royally" Wedding auto!
Very similar to my Vanishy, Grubby, Postcardy and Cruntry autos in just about every way, Royally will only repeat the free (non-gem) London Spots episode over and over... and is capable of these results per minute: 6 scenes completed (bonus or regular) without using hints, 72 objects found, 17904 points scored! It's replacing the recently-deceased Mergey auto... so if you purchased that auto in the past, you're a lucky bride or groom and now control this spouse! Your registration code (and password) is exactly the same.
Read and abuse my Super-fast tip!

 Daily info
Word Search "Daily" HD auto!
This Daily update is the conversion of Word Search Daily to the new Html5 HD version. Make sure you are using the default background (pink, upper-left corner in their Settings). There are 518 legal moves on the 8x8 board (for 3-8 letter words) and I will click them all... and then keep trying additional passes. If it's repeatedly missing some words after a full 518-attempt, simply lower your Speed option to allow the mouse a little more drag time (and help the Html5 keep up). Or you could try a different web browser that might hang better.
Random, Daily and Bonus Puzzles.

 Battler info
"Battler" plays Phlinx II tutorial!
Still covering their old java Battle Phlinx and original flash Phlinx games, the auto now also loops the newer html5 Phlinx II's tutorial over and over since so many challenges (and rank) can be achieved. That's all Battler currently does: plays the tutorial, starts a regular game, immediately quits out, receives credit for all qualifying tutorial action. Drop X power-up stones, drop X regular stones (great rank progress), match X colored stones, big quantities and very quickly.
Yet another "3 in 1" auto!

 Sudoky info
Daily "Sudoky" auto!
Still covering their old java Sudoku Puzzle Blast and recent Html5 Sudoku, the auto now also plays the new Daily Sudoku version! Sudoky remembers the last-played puzzle and will quickly fwack down all of the previous legal numbers when it comes back (after a win or even a loss). In doing so, you basically have an infinite number of lives instead of just three, which truly helps with their Medium and Hard difficulties. But once a full puzzle is actually finished, this makes coming back to the same date/difficulty extremely worthwhile and provides super-fast wins, high points and quick rank advancement.
Now another "3 in 1" auto!
 Juicy Lime Badge
Juicy Lime Badge
Very simply put, with just two simple moves, my Towny will 3-star the first Bakery's (Cupcake) first level over and over. Once you have navigated yourself to the game's Cupcake Bakery (where you can see its Level 1 available), start my auto and hover your mouse on the Chocolate Coins area at the top-right corner of your window. If you are having trouble connecting with Torch, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially Google Chrome, IE or Win10's Edge).
Completion: 18 minutes

 Soaring Spades Badge
Soaring Spades Badge
My sincere apologies, but I don't quite have First Class built back inside my Classy auto since the game was recently upgraded to Html5 HD. All of my work time is devoted to this project and I hope to have something ready before this challenge expires. In case you didn't know already, this will be another one of my fabulous "2 for 1" autos since it currently does play the other World Class Solitaire HD game!
Completion: 2 hours

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Annabelle to the rescue!
I am willing to take one for the team and pump any of the below out for you manually, so slide those bars for my pricing structures. Email and let me know which cleanup job is in your future. Let's get this done and those very difficult badges in your stash already! Likewise, do you still have some old challenges stuck in some ancient albums that are really depressing to see? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen!

Cookie Connect
115 in-game award badges!
3-star how many levels?

Jet Set Solitaire
60 World Class Badges!
How many levels still need 3 stars?

Jewel Academy
116 in-game award badges!
3-star how many of your levels?

Sweet Tooth Town
Upgrades + extra moves forever!
Add how many chocolate coins?

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