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 Vanishy info
 "Vanishy" Trail auto!
"Vanishy" Trail auto!
Yes, Vanishy is my 130th creation and plays the new Html5 Vanishing Trail HOG game. For now, it completes only Denali National Park's four scenes which should cover all previous/future challenges: complete X episodes, play X scenes, find X objects, score X points, find X "special" objects, play X scenes without using hints, complete X "find the differences" bonus scenes, etc. There's also a helpful Replay button check mark option built inside if you prefer a certain scene (instead of the full episode). Please use Google Chrome or Torch, since this is another Html5 game, unless you have no other alternative but a different working browser.
Read tip for speedy challenges!

 Jetty info
 "Jetty" Set Solitaire!
"Jetty" Set Solitaire auto!
Same deal as all of these latest Html5 dogs, in order: use Google Chrome, else Torch, else anything you might have in your arsenal (especially IE or Win10's Edge). My auto #129 was written specifically for super-fast rank climbing and previous/future challenges! San Francisco's level 1 (Golden Gate Bridge) covers streaks, wins, 3-star wins, scoring points, removing cards. SanFran's level 7 (Airport) takes care of any "boss level" requirements. Jetty now has a wicked awesome World Class option to shoot for three stars in all 20 cities' levels! Hey... this is one helluva rank-smoker, so you really need to add Annabelle's latest to your collection today.
Now plays all 20 cities!

 Academy info
 Jewel "Academy" auto!
Jewel "Academy" auto!
Please use Google Chrome (else Torch or anything you have that works). This 128th new auto is for climbing rank and I support level two only! Before attempting to use it, please take a moment to read everything written at Academy's web page. You will find that it also plays other levels and wins... even tons with 3 stars! But for now, until I have a moment to breathe and get back in the code to expand a bit, this first version is offered for ranking up with level 2 only. Better rank points are at level 18 when you reach that point (and then level 35).
Now offering my 3-star service!

 Acey info
 "Acey" Up! HD auto!
"Acey" Up! HD auto!
The new version 10 of Acey is a completely free update for previous purchasers of this auto. You are still registered and own it, as your old registration code/password is the same (and works)! Keep your mouse on the right side of your game to avoid Flying Ace shooting issues and you just might want to make things even smoother with 90 speed or less. There's a lot of animation in this game that causes color misreads, which brings poor intel decisions. As written before for the new Html5 games, use Google Chrome or Torch. If the auto is not finding your game or playing properly, you are probably loading different graphics than the rest of us. Try any other browser in your arsenal (especially Internet Explorer, as a few of you have found luck with that one somehow).
 Life Gives You Limes Badge
Life Gives You Limes Badge
Green dolls are matched just as often as yellows and blues. It just depends on the current layout of the board and what's next in priority. At top 100 speed, you should witness an average of 17 per minute. So just "set Trizzly and forget it", come back in 25 minutes or so and you should see your Life Gives You Limes Badge sitting there. Shit-ka!

 Expert Matchmaker Badge
Expert Matchmaker Badge
Easy difficulty and 100 speed achieve around 60 matched tiles per minute... so this challenge should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Keep your mouse in a safe spot inside the game (such as over your Score) to help avoid ghosting/sticking of the tiles. If my auto is not recognizing your game properly, you probably just need to use the side Safary33a file instead and can read all about it in the Still have old graphics? tip at the top of my Safary page.

 Zodiac Horse Badge
Zodiac Horse Badge
Blue Roses (and 'M' Runes) are purposely clicked immediately in each of the first book's (Beauty and the Beast) first episode's five scenes, so you'll simply need the auto to loop that Episode 1 five times to win your Horse. Keep my Speed option at 75 or less to avoid their "It is difficult to keep my concentration" nag that slows you down. Once you have reached the game's opening books selection screen, start Questy and hover your mouse on the big gold letter Q in StoryQuest at the top left corner of your window. If you are having trouble connecting, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially IE or Win10's Edge).

 Hover your mouse Mouse over the images above for
test results and challenge details.

Annabelle to the rescue!
I am willing to take one for the team and pump any of the below out for you manually, so slide those bars for my pricing structures. Email and let me know which cleanup job is in your future. Let's get this done and those very difficult badges in your stash already! Likewise, do you still have some old challenges stuck in some ancient albums that are really depressing to see? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen!

Jewel Academy
28 in-game award badges
How many levels ya need 3-starred?

Cookie Connect
29 in-game award badges
3-star how many of its 260 levels?

Match and Merge
150 levels ~ 5 rank badges
On which level are you stuck?

Tumble Tiles
138 levels ~ 3 rank badges
How many 3-star levels ya need?
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