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 Spring into Spring sale!
 Spring into Spring sale!
Spring into Spring sale!
The trees are in blossom, the flowers in bloom; the birds are in chirp cuz my sale just went zoom! Through Thursday (March 30), feel free to take 15% off every purchase, including the already-reduced package pricing! What a great time to catch up on any titles you may need to complete your collection, add some autos to a second computer, or send a Gift Certificate to your favorite loved ones.
Hurry: ends midnight tonite!

 Cooky info
 Another 2 for 1 auto?
Another 2 for 1 auto?
Yes, Cooky now includes the new html5 Cookie Connect game, making yet another "2 for 1" auto. So if you were one smart cookie and purchased it in the past (for the old Wonderland Memories java game), the same password works and you already own it! It will loop level 9 over and over, strictly for reaching rank 50's six rank badges and hopefully all current/future challenges. Be sure to read the entire version 9 writeup at my Cooky page first, as there's some stuff you need to know first: Google Chrome only, possibly slow down your Speed, definitely use my Flash Refresh option!

 Questy info
 Questy your StoryQuest!
Questy your StoryQuest!
This one's my new auto #126. Yes, 11.5 years experience with 126 autos covering 163 different games. This new StoryQuest game will probably demand the following various future challenges: play X episodes, complete X scenes, find X objects, find X "special" objects, play X scenes without using hints, etc. Questy should certainly win them all, as it currently loops the gems-free Beauty and the Beast episode 1 over and over until the badge is in your stash. Be prepared by adding this one to your arsenal collection today! Torch or Google Chrome browsers only, you non-readers.

 Pingo info
Booky replaced with new Pingo!
Yes, the old facebook auto never really belonged here and has been trashed... yet replaced with Pingo for the new Poppit!™ Bingo game. Therefore, if you had purchased Booky in the past, you now own Pingo. Its registration code is exactly the same (and your password too). This auto will fwack the hell out of your cards, fast or slow, depending on your Speed option. After manually choosing your room, you can set my Cards option to pick 1-4 cards until you run out of tickets. Future options are possibly using the cactus cannon, any/all of the power-ups and spending cactus cash on the most valuable tickets package available.
Version 2: Use Cannon option!
Version 3: Ignore Bingos option!
Version 4: Golden Balloons option!
 Channel Surfer Badge
Channel Surfer Badge
In the new super-fast Visiony 2 update, I now actually read the font of each hidden object on the right panel and click only that item. This should cover all previous, current and future challenges very nicely. Find X objects, complete X channels, no hints allowed, no mis-clicks, all of it. Crank my Speed option up to a funny 100 and watch all ten objects clicked away in the blink of an eye! Can your auto do this?

 Pitching In Badge
Pitching In Badge
Skill Level doesn't matter... nor does winning the game. But I would suggest attempting to clear the entire board anyway to ensure all of the reds are gone. With a Think time of 20 and Good enough at 0, I am sure this will get the job done easily. You might want to change your Boards allowed to "Only all prizes". Sometimes those power-ups can cause problems. While hovering your mouse on that upper dark strip to get started... if my regular Poppy version 39 does not recognize your game properly, your browser is unfortunately loading the other second set of graphics. You simply need to use the side Poppy39a file instead and can read all about it in the Still have old graphics? tip at the top of my Poppy page. And in case you didn't know already, this is one of my famous 2 for 1 autos since it plays Pop Fu as well!

Annabelle to the rescue!
Cookie Connect has seven extra in-game badges. Do you want them all, such as the insane Super Star Badge that requires "Reach 3 Stars in at least 100 Levels"? I am not talking about rank here at all... and need absolutely no power-ups/gems!
How many levels ya need 3-starred?

Match and Merge actually needs all 150 tiresome levels beat, the game completely finished, in order to reach rank 50 and own all five of its current rank badges.
On which level are you stuck?

Tumble Tiles is a little different, with only 30 ranks and three rank badges. All 138 torturous levels must be knocked out with the maximum of three stars to obtain that highly-coveted final Rank 30 Badge.
How many 3-star levels ya need?

I am willing to take one for the team and pump these out for you manually, so slide those bars above for my pricing structures. Email and let me know which cleanup job is in your future. Let's get this done and those very difficult badges in your stash already! Likewise, do you still have some old challenges stuck in some ancient albums that are really depressing to see? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen!

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