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 Mother's Day Sale!
 Mother's Day Sale!
Mother's Day Sale!
This Mother's Day week, feel free to take 15% off every purchase, including the already-reduced packages pricing! What a great time to catch up on any titles you may need to complete your collection, add some autos to a second computer, or send a Gift Certificate to your mom, your mom's mom, your step-mom, even your dog's neighbor's milkman's mother! It is fast, convenient and you know every detail will be taken care of. I decided to allow two badge days for the sale... so it will be ending on Thursday, May 14.
Hurry: ends midnight tonight!
 Buckety info
Sluma is now 2-for-1 Buckety!
Correct, Sluma is dead. It's now known as Buckety, converted into a double auto that covers the new Bejeweled 2 Slots (and still Zuma Slots too, of course). So if you have purchased Sluma in the past, you just got a convenient bonus... simply use this new Buckety auto instead of the old Sluma. Currently the best of both worlds: saves separate rank snapshot pictures Bej2 / Zuma), recognizes or plays all bonus games, hammers the hell out of your spin buttons, or simply uses my awesome Stockpile option to hoard those precious coins. And hopefully, this will become a 3-for-1 auto soon, with Chuzzle Slots on the near horizon!
Now that's one Stockpilin' bitch!
 Now that's one Stockpilin' bitch!
Annabelle to the rescue!
Do you have a few incomplete badges stuck in some old albums for years that are really depressing to see? How about some old weekly challenges that can be reactivated and finally finished? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me and let’s make some miracles happen already! And pretty please, do tell/rescue your friends.
 Escapey info
Mahjong Escapey
Auto #117 hits the streets for the new Mahjong Escape. Escapey covers most levels fairly well, but there are quite a few upper ones that might need your manual assistance. Some are wiped out in just one pass for three stars, while others might take 2 or 3 repeats to get through. But do know there's a couple real doozies up there that you might want to just let run overnight while yer sleeping.
 Merchandise now available!
Merchandise is available!
Looking for something new and exciting for that Badgehog that has everything? Check out the cool new BadgeWinners merchandise at Zazzle. There are shirts, mugs, hoodies, hats, mousepads (and more) available there at this time. Be sure to view the different styles and colors over on the right panel of each item. What a great and unique way to show your love, while supporting your favorite badge site at the same time! Go check it out already!
 Out for a Spin Badge
Out for a Spin Badge
If your browser is still loading old, smudgy graphics instead of the new, crisper anti-aliased stuff like the rest of us, you will need to use the side 39b version instead. You can read all about it in the Still have old graphics? tip at the top of my Whompy page. Hey, if you only have to reach the Jackpot Spin Carrot, why submit every word? Slide my slick Percent of words option to a lesser 50% so the auto clicks the New Game button and rolls out of there early. And kill some more time by choosing the fastest Skill Level 1 to cycle each round in just a mere 20 seconds. Don't forget this one's yet another 2 for 1 killer deal for just 10 carrots, since it covers the Whackdown game too!
 Wall of the Wild Badge
Wall of the Wild Badge
If your browser is still loading Bucktooth Bradley (that dreadlocked Score guy at the bottom right of the game, but yours might have a bucktooth), you will need to use the side 13b version instead. You can read all about it in the Still have old graphics? tip at the top of my Peaky page. It's all random... ya never know what's gonna be in those first three chests. In fact, if yer super-lucky, all three could have a Wild card inside. Therefore, I suggest spending them as quickly as possible (to make your slot available for the next one) by sliding my Wild max option all the way up to 28. Know this: not all autos should fly at balls to the wall full 100 speed. I chose 80 instead, to give their cards some time to flip over and any other animations to settle. This allows the auto that extra oomph to read things as properly as possible.

Your latest HOG updates...
These are the recently-installed episodes for the seven hidden object games (Amazing Adventures: Around the World™, Big City Adventure, Claire Hart™: Soul Searcher, CLUE Secrets & Spies, Letters from Nowhere, Sherlock Holmes, Undiscovered World). When a new episode is released, I am well aware and diligently working on it. So check back here later, as just one episode can take between 3-7 nonstop hours to harvest all of the items. By the way, Cluey is capable of 200,000+ tokens per hour if you enable its Repeat episode option!
 Amazy info Amazy (Jul 6, 2012)
The Lost Tomb
15 episodes (46 scenes)
 Biggy info Biggy (May 14)
Michelangelo & Co.
138 days (270 scenes)
 Clairey info Clairey (May 13)
The Missing Millionaire
148 parts (434 scenes)
 Cluey info Cluey (May 11)
Dog My Cats
236 episodes (706 cities)
 Lettery info Lettery (Oct 9, 2013)
Series 2 Conclusion
24 episodes (57 scenes)
 Sherlocky info Sherlocky (Mar 27)
The Speckled Band: III
33 parts (158 levels)
 Worldy info Worldy (May 12)
Engineering Feats
76 chapters (135 levels)
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