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 "Beat the Heat" Sale!
 "Beat the Heat" Sale!
"Beat the Heat" Sale!
If your balls or boobs are sweating terrible like mine, I offer you some relief (at least through Thursday August 6)! Take 15% off every purchase, including the already-discounted package pricing. Catch up on any titles you may need to complete your collection, add some autos to a second computer or send someone a Gift Certificate. It is fast, convenient and you know every detail will be taken care of!

 Blasty info
Peggle "Blasty" HD auto!
Since the old Slingo® Blast flash game was recently erased from the game site, I figured I would revive our Blasty auto by sticking Peggle Blast HD inside instead. At top 100 Speed, every :35 seconds or so, it repeats level 0 only. So make sure that's the level you choose before you begin... not anything else. One single shot should clear all five orange pegs (and a ton of blues), including a "Long Shot" and "Off the Wall" bonus, scoring a good half million+ points with three stars every time!
Slingo® Blast replaced with Peggle!

 Buckety info
Pogo™ Slots "Buckety" auto!
Bejeweled 2 Slots, Payday Poker, Peggle Slots and Zuma Slots were recently removed from the game site, so I added the new Pogo™ Slots inside the Buckety auto (since it's a very similar parlor coin bucket-refilling style of game). Please get yourself manually through (or Skip) the quick little tutorials so there are no future stalls. And once you run out of coins, I will click that Collect button when it's ready and continue onward.
Four removed, but one added.

 Jungly info
"Jungly" Gin HD auto!
Upgraded to the new Html5 HD version of the game. Be sure to first check mark the correct Browser (Torch or Chrome) in my Options. I had to do it this way since so many of us double-browse for super-awesome rank advancement. Dummy gives huge 80-90 deadwood points per hand, so read the Massive rank advancement, "Win 50 hands", "Score 1000 gin points", "Win 3 500-point matches" tip at my Jungly page. This is a free update for registered owners of the auto, regardless of having to almost re-write the damn thing... but donations are always welcome!
Kick-ass rank with Dummy!

 Snowbirdy info
"Snowbirdy" Solitaire auto!
Snowbirdy is very similar to my Jetty auto in just about every way, splattering clicks to all of the highlighted cards it thinks may be possible moves. So since this is another fwack-clicking auto, it's probable that Torch is the better choice than the sluggish Chrome browser. It's replacing the recently-deceased Swashy auto... so if you purchased that one in the past, you're a lucky Snowbird or Polar Bear and now can Resort to this one since your registration code (and password) is exactly the same.
Arr... the dead Swashy lives again.
 Locked for Now Badge
Locked for Now Badge
Using the options shown to the right (when you hover the mouse on the Pingo icon), it took me seven 4.8-minute games, with these Bingos: 26, 12, 13, 3, 29, 10, 27. You might get luckier and do it in just five or six games, though. Once you have navigated yourself to their game's card selection page, start my auto and hover your mouse on the white letters Pick Your Cards at the bottom of your window. If you are having trouble connecting with Torch, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially Google Chrome, IE or Win10's Edge).
Completion: 34 minutes

 World Class Stamper Badge
World Class Stamper Badge
Thankfully, you can still lose the game and get credit for those points. I just ran Classy and lost the first two games, but then won the third... for a total of 2110 points. So I guess it's just gonna depend on how lucky your layouts are given. Once you have navigated yourself to the game's opening map screen, start my auto and hover your mouse on the letter "D" in Destination at the top of your window. If you are having trouble connecting with Torch, try every other browser in your arsenal (especially Google Chrome, IE or Win10's Edge).
Completion: 6 minutes

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